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The abandoned mansion (Fin.png: Autiotalo) is an abandoned building that can be found northwest of Loppe, next to the river. According to the player character's grandmother, the cowshed was burned down by children playing with matches. Most if not all of the cows were evidently killed in the fire, as a haunting echo of cows mooing can be heard near the pen. A person who also presumably died in the fire wanders around the mansion as a phantom, but he seems to pose no harm to the player character.

A form of pushing force such as the sledgehammer, a vehicle, jamming the moped halfway in the door, the van's trunk door or simply a case of beer is required to break down the front doors of the mansion. If none of these are available, use Q and J to push and lean into the door, eventually getting it to open, or you can avoid the door and jump inside from the third window on the front of the house.

The four stock steel wheels can be obtained from the attic of the mansion, though be wary, as there is also a wasp nest on one of the attic beams which has to be neutralized in order to be able to walk around the building freely. Alternatively, the player may wait until nightfall to enter the mansion, when the wasps will be dormant and harmless. The wheels in the latest versions of the game they can not be taken from the room under the attic with the rusted furnace. The wheels come with worn-out tires that perform poorly and will not pass inspection. They should be replaced as soon as possible at Fleetari's shop.


  • There is an audio clip in the game files named "attic_sound2", in this clip there can be heard footsteps presumably in an abandoned house with a rubber floor cover damaged by water. There are also a few creaking sounds included in the mix.
  • The mansion can be used as a rudimentary player home, though this is ill advised. The house lacks basic amenities, having only a water well. More importantly, it has no save point and staying at night causes stress to rise rapidly as you have to share space with the house’s former owner.