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There's a total of 74 Steam achievements (Fin.png: Saavutus) to earn in My Summer Car. These achievements are separated into three categories, as apparent by their icons: permadeath only achievements, non-permadeath achievements, and computer game achievements. Steam achievements can only be unlocked once per account and cannot be re-unlocked.


Achievement list[]

100 km[]

Drive 100 kilometres with Satsuma.
Non-permadeath 100 km
100 km driven with Satsuma.

1000 km[]

Drive 1000 kilometres with Satsuma.
Non-permadeath 1000 km
1000 km driven with Satsuma.

10000 km[]

Drive 10000 kilometres with Satsuma.
Non-permadeath 10000 km
10000 km driven with Satsuma.

A cure for illness[]

Beat the final level of Rapula.
Mikropekka software A cure for illness
You helped Mr. Rapula to get through the day.

A true hillbilly[]

Visit Teimo's shop with the tractor.
Non-permadeath A true hillbilly
Shopping groceries with style!

Aiming like a pro[]

Score more than 34 points in Sormileikki.
Mikropekka software Aiming like a pro
Maybe find a woman next time.

An idiot[]

Break the shop glass (the one with no shelves behind it). Has to be done while the store is open.
Non-permadeath An idiot
An idiot is definition of you.

And it is gone![]

Die with permadeath active.
Permadeath only And it is gone!
Say goodbye to your saves.

Bad Guy[]

Serve your full jail sentence without dying, and afterwards get released.
Non-permadeath Bad Guy
You've done your time.

Can't stop smoking now...[]

Smoke 60-100 cigarettes.
Permadeath only Can't stop smoking now...
You are so deeply addicted to smoking that it is just better keep on going.

Case solved[]

Drink all 24 bottles of beer from one case.
Non-permadeath Case solved
24 bottles of beer consumed!


Catch the UKK fish in Fishgame.
Mikropekka software Catch-A-Fish
You caught the rarest fish in the pond.

Dakar rally[]

Piss in the radiator. Both the stock and racing radiator are accepted. The radiator needs to be empty, or not completely full. An easy way to empty it is to take the lower radiator hose off, so that the coolant diminishes. After that take the radiator cap off, drink until the urine bar is high, aim right and watch for the white filling bar to appear. Once it does, the achievement will be unlocked. This can actually take a few tries as the hole to pee in is rather small.
Non-permadeath Dakar rally
You just keep on going.

Darwin Award[]

Take a breathalyser test at a police checkpoint with a blood-alcohol level of 3.5‰ or more.
Non-permadeath Darwin Award
Get a police breath analyzer test score of 3.5 per mil or more.

Don't answer that call[]

Get killed by answering the phone during a thunderstorm.
Non-permadeath Don't answer that call
Thunder called you and you got killed.

Engine started![]

Begin your first singleplayer race on the Imperian rally track, while playing Global Rally Grand Prix 95.
Mikropekka software Engine started!
You beat the menu. And that's it.

Feel alive[]

Give Pena the finger while he's giving the player character a lift on a straight part of the dirt roads.
Permadeath only Feel alive
Travelling over 90 km/h as a passenger of a drunk driver.

Finnish sisu![]

Finish one stage of the rally with at least one missing wheel and its suspension. Either a spindle or a trail arm is required to be missing for this achievement to trigger.
Non-permadeath Finnish sisu!
Finish rally with major suspension damage.

Finnish Summer[]

Go to the cottage, heat up the sauna and throw water on to rocks.
Non-permadeath Finnish Summer
This is it. This is everything you ever need.

Finnish wedding[]

Drink a lot of alcohol.
Non-permadeath Finnish wedding
Your traditional wedding condition.

First loser[]

Finish the rally in 2nd.
Permadeath only First loser
Coming second is just a first loser.

Flying Finn[]

Finish the rally in 1st.
Permadeath only Flying Finn
Top breed of racing drivers.

Full of crap[]

Fill the septic truck up to its max capacity (10,000 litres). Just over four septic tanks must be emptied to get all of the 10,000 litres. One septic tank amounts to ~2,300/2,400 litres.
Non-permadeath Full of crap
10 000 litres worth of crap. Good job!

Full stash[]

Beat Ojasta Alkoon.
Mikropekka software Full stash
Successful crawl from the ditch to the store and back 14 times.

Gauntlet survivor[]

Beat the 20th level of Run the Gauntlet.
Mikropekka software Gauntlet survivor
Survived the Gauntlet for 20 days.

Golden steam[]

Pee on the sauna stove until it steams, lovely.
Non-permadeath Golden steam
Enjoy the smell.

Grand Theft Teimo[]

Break the window at Teimo's shop at night.
Non-permadeath Grand Theft Teimo
You little punk!

Granny's little helper[]

Deliver groceries to Sirkka.
Non-permadeath Granny's little helper
You are such a good boy!

Greased rust[]

Finish a drag race at the airfield in under 17 seconds. The achievement unlocks as soon as the car hits the finish line, so going to the tent to check the time is unnecessary.
Non-permadeath Greased rust
Drag Race time under 17 secs with Satsuma.

Grill master[]

Serve 20 customers correctly in Grillisimulaattori.
Mikropekka software Grill master
Serve at least 20 dish.

Hannes Kolehmainen[]

Finish the rally on foot.
Permadeath only Hannes Kolehmainen
Suvi-Sprint rally done on foot.

I am coward[]

Start the game with permadeath turned OFF.
Non-permadeath I am coward
No permanent death for you.

I am Santa Claus[]

Collect all 20 presents from the fourth level of Joulupukin Joulustressi.
Mikropekka software I am Santa Claus
Beat all 4 levels of Joulupukin Joulustressi.

It runs![]

Successfully start the Satsuma for the first time.
Non-permadeath It runs!
Your car actually started, good job!


Win the maximum prize from a slot machine.
Non-permadeath Jackpot!
Maybe you should do Lotto too?


Drive the moped to Teimo's shop and exit the vehicle. Alternatively, the moped can be transported to the store in the Satsuma, Ferndale, Gifu, Kekmet, or even the boat. Be careful when placing the moped inside the Satsuma.
Non-permadeath Jonne!
You are real Finnish Jonne.

Kahen kilon siika![]

Catch a siika (Coregonus lavaretus), which has a net weight of 2 kilograms or over in Pro Pilkki.
Mikropekka software Kahen kilon siika!
Common whitefish worth of 2 kilograms.


Drive Grandma to church on Sunday after she calls you.
Non-permadeath Kela-Taxi
You served elderly person with style.

Kiddy champ[]

Win the junior class rally in 1st.
Permadeath only Kiddy champ
You won in a junior class!

Lottery winner[]

Buy a ticket from Teimo's shop to the saturday lottery and win some money by guessing the right numbers.
Non-permadeath Lottery winner
You won in a lottery. Rare treat for sure!

Magic portal[]

Drink so much alcohol that the player character passes out (about 1½ beer cases at once or several vodka shots at Pub Nappo/a booze and a couple of beers). Once the character passes out, he will wake up with a bad hangover in the form of shakes and wake up somewhere near the property. Keep in mind that passing out in the middle of the day will probably cause the character to wake up in the middle of the night around the Kesselinperä area and will give a hard time getting home in the dark.
Non-permadeath Magic portal
Somehow you don't remember anything.

Methanol Man[]

Get the blindness effect from drinking a bottle of spirit at Jokke's new house while the "party" is going on. The blindness effect has a random chance of happening, and it will occur about a minute after the player has woken up.
Non-permadeath Methanol Man
You gained a new super power: Blindness!

Money well spent[]

Fail the car inspection.
Non-permadeath Money well spent
Better luck next time.

Mr. Kilju[]

Successfully sell the highest quality kilju to the drunk guy. For the best kilju, use 1 pack of yeast and 6 packs of sugar.
Non-permadeath Mr. Kilju
Good batch of commercial deer piss.

My finger slipped[]

Catch the flasher with a reaction time of 0.12 seconds or less in Wild Vest. The achievement can be brute-forced by continuously failing the game by pressing the space bar right after the game starts, relying on the flasher to open his coat at the same time as the space bar is pressed.
Mikropekka software My finger slipped
Achieve a time of 0.12 or under.

Party time[]

Drink a bottle of hard liquor.
Non-permadeath Party time
Bottle of booze drank quickly.

Philosophy Master[]

Achieve the banker rank in Filosofiapeli.
Mikropekka software Philosophy Master
Sometimes being a banker is enough.


Install the pink plush dashboard cover.
Non-permadeath Pimped!
That really does it.

Poor people go away[]

Spend over 2,000 mk in the shop. This one is easily achievable after getting "An idiot" (break the shop glass).
Non-permadeath Poor people go away
A real money man.

Proud to be mortal[]

Start the game with permadeath turned ON.
Permadeath only Proud to be mortal
When I die, I die for good


Beat the final boss of Massacre and escape successfully.
Mikropekka software PTSD
Survived the Massacre with your pal Agent Orange.

Reetipokeri Master[]

Win the biggest prize from the Video poker machine.
Non-permadeath Reetipokeri Master
Too bad this is not Las Vegas.

Responsible citizen[]

Pass the car inspection.
Non-permadeath Responsible citizen
You got your car through inspection at the Lindell Inspection Shop.

Rusting fast[]

Reach 200 km/h in a modified Satsuma, all of the engine upgrades and longer gear ratios are required. You have to be on permadeath mode.
Permadeath only Rusting fast
Over 200km/h with Satsuma!

Satsuma GT[]

Outfit the Satsuma with customizations associated with the GT trimmed Satsuma and then successfully start the engine. The list of required parts and cosmetics are as follows: GT-branded parts comprising the GT grill, GT center console, GT rims, GT steering wheel, GT rocker cover and a special GT trim paint job (available from Fleetari's), and additional aftermarket parts comprising of the front spoiler, rear ducktail spoiler, window grille, twin carburetors, and an RPM gauge on the dashboard meters.
Non-permadeath Satsuma GT
You just restored the Satsuma into optional GT trim.

Seek and you shall find[]

Finish the game by finding "the truth" in World's Man.
Mikropekka software Seek and you shall find
Found the Truth in Man of the World - World's Man.

Sliding Swede[]

Finish the rally in 3rd.
Permadeath only Sliding Swede
Coming after Flying Finns!

Smoking kills[]

Smoke a cigarette while refuelling a car/jerry can (gasoline only).
Non-permadeath Smoking kills
Do not smoke. At least while refueling...

Thank you for playing![]

Complete the story of the game and watch the credits cutscene.
Non-permadeath Thank you for playing!
Seems like it is over now.

Thank you government[]

Get a ticket for more than 5,000 mk from the police.
Permadeath only Thank you government
Crime is for poor people only.

Too much power, too little skill[]

Die in a crash while riding in Kuski's car.
Non-permadeath Too much power, too little skill
Jerk in daddy's car.

Total idiot & full idiot[]

Give Pena the finger while he's giving the player character a lift.
Permadeath only Total idiot & full idiot
Flipping off to a drunk driver.

True Peräjärvi Dalton![]

Pull out the slot machine from Pub Nappo using a rope tied to any vehicle, unscrew the back panel of the slot machine with a screwdriver, and obtain any money inside.
Non-permadeath True Peräjärvi Dalton!
Robbing a slot machine with style.

Ultimate survivor[]

Make the player character drink his own urine; start peeing and look directly up.
Non-permadeath Ultimate survivor
Drinking your own piss like a pro.

Waving for victory[]

Beat the Johnny F. Kemedy Racing Challenge.
Mikropekka software Waving for victory
They failed to stop Johnny.

Welcome to Finland[]

Get the sauna working. Twist both bottom dials, wait for the "temperature" to rise, pour water on the stove. Relax in the steamy goodness. Can also be done in the cottage.
Non-permadeath Welcome to Finland
You just experienced a Sauna.

What a shock![]

Get killed by electrocution by urinating onto the TV or computer.
Non-permadeath What a shock!
Too long walk to the toilet perhaps?

Working man's Saturday[]

Drink any bottle of hard liquor (has to be a bottle, shots will not get you the achievement).
Non-permadeath Working man's Saturday
Time to relax.

Wow, look at that Chopin there[]

Play the first 13 notes of Ukko Nooa correctly in a sequence, the notes are as follows: C C C E D D D F E E D D C
Mikropekka software Wow, look at that Chopin there
Played the first 13 notes of Ukko Nooa starting from C.

Yeast festival[]

Drink a canister of kilju.
Non-permadeath Yeast festival
Enjoy your home brew... delicious.

You are the wall[]

Beat the final boss of Pasi Invaders.
Mikropekka software You are the wall
You defeated the ultimate Pasi and ended the invasion.

You have a computer![]

Purchase the computer and power it up.
Non-permadeath You have a computer!
Now play some games.

You have a new friend![]

Successfully pick up and drop off the drunk lifter from the pub.
Non-permadeath You have a new friend!
He is drunk, so he must be a friend.

You reached 100 kg[]

Achieve a weight of over 100 kilograms. (220 pounds)
Non-permadeath You reached 100 kg
Less than 100 kg person is weighed at maternity clinic.