The airfield is used as a drag strip with a functional Pro-Tree and measured time. The airfield is mostly barren apart from the tent where the player can check their drag time. The runway is about one kilometre long and does not receive any flying traffic (not counting the Satsuma while drag racing).


The airfield strip is located next to the landfill site. Take a right at the end of you house lane towards Rykipohja. When you reach the white concrete at the end of the dirt road, turn left and follow the white concrete onto the airfield landing strip. The lights are at the bottom end, the landfill site is at the top left.


  • The physical location for the jail is behind a treewall south of the runway, though it is only visible when serving time.
  • The runway markings are incorrect. Based on the approach angle, the runway should be numbered 28. Also, there's no threshold marking on the other end of the runway and runway number for opposite end is not used in that end; if planes are not allowed to land from that direction, there should be no number at all. If they are allowed to land from that direction, the number should, again, face the landing direction and have opposite direction number (making it Runway 10 from that direction).