The alternator is a car part which can be found in the garage at home. It is attached to the engine block with 1x7mm and 1x10mm bolts. The alternator can be adjusted by hand, and fastened in place with a screwdriver. The position of the alternator affects how fast the alternator belt wears down.

The alternator can be worn down with use, which will affect the rate at which the battery charges. If the alternator is damaged or broken it may be replaced at the Fleetari Repair Shop.

Proper adjustmentEdit

The alternator should be adjusted properly before driving the car; leaving it too loose or too tight will affect battery charging performance as well as alternator belt wear:

  • Start the car and keep it running
  • Untighten the screw on the alternator (one turn of the scroll wheel will do)
  • Loosen the alternator with the scroll wheel until it starts squealing
  • Start tightening the alternator to the exact point where the squealing sound stops
  • Re-tighten the alternator screw