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The Arvo-Algotson is a combine harvester used to complete the Harvester delivery farm job given by Tohvakka. The harvester only can be used to work by the player after earning the owner's trust by completing the Haybale delivery job first. Tohvakka will pay the player 3,500 mk after delivering all 23 hay bales. It is initially located on the large farm east of Peräjärvi, inside a red shed next to the farmhouse.

The player will receive a call after delivering all the hay bales to Tohvakka using the Kekmet. After a few days since that, Tohvakka will call again asking for you to retrieve his harvester for him (It's located southeast of grandma's house, near the highway).

He will give the player 1,500 mk after returning it back to the farm.

Starting and driving the harvester[]

The starting method is somewhat similar to the tractor. First, put the start/stop lever to start position. Then pull the throttle a bit. After that start the engine by using the ignition. Finally, disable the parking brake if it is enabled and you are good to go. It is also recommended to change the speed limiter lever's position to the maximum so that you can take advantage of its 11 km/h top speed.


  • The combine harvester is based on a Sampo-Rosenlew 500, which was produced between 1978 and 1985, with a cab.
  • The production year of this particular harvester is at least after '82, signaled by the in-cabin mounted heater.
  • Taking the Arvo-Algotson harvester to the Drag racing event and checking the overall results slip for the harvester reveals, that it has identical stats to the Kekmet tractor.[1] This is most likely an oversight from the developer.
    • This suggests that the Kekmet was used as a base for Arvo-Algotson during it's development.
      • Because of this, the Arvo-Algotson has multiple similarities with the Kekmet.
        • The harvester has a warning triangle mounted on its backside, much like the Kekmet. However, it cannot be detached.
        • Its engine sound is from the Kekmet.
  • It doesn't have a fuel gauge.
  • Its door sound is from the Ruscko.
  • After finishing the harvester delivery job, the player will still be able to drive and interact with the harvester.
  • The harvester is the slowest vehicle in the game, after the boat, and Teimo's bike.

Manual of buttons and levers


Harvester Interior.jpg
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The interior of the harvester The harvester in the shack The harvester being driven on the highway