The battery is a car part which powers the engine for ignition. It is installed in the front-right section of the engine bay with 2x8mm bolts while wiring the car. The stock battery can be found on the shelf in the garage at home. However, this battery is near dead and should be replaced as soon as possible. The new batteries can be bought from Teimo's Shop for 495 mk each.

Battery chargeEdit

The batteries lose their charge over time when the engine is turned off, and recharge when the engine is running. Problems with the engine (such as a snapped alternator belt) can cause the battery charge to drop rapidly. Along with getting recharged by the engine, the batteries can also be recharged with the battery charger in the garage at home.

When the battery is near fully charged, the needle on the charger meter should be in the middle or towards the left side; if it's all the way to the right, it is not charged enough. If the needle remains in the latter position for a long time, then the battery is no longer capable of holding a charge and should be disposed of.

Battery charger

A battery being charged.


  • Before the battery charger was introduced, the only way to recharge near-dead batteries was to save and reload the game.