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The player can deliver food to grandma once she's called them on the phone. Grandma will either ask for groceries (sausages, sugar, and milk) or fish (raw or grilled pike). Whatever she asks the player to bring to her must be placed on the blue plastic holder on her table. She will then request you sit and visit with her for awhile. This can range between 4 and 12 minutes, after which she will give you some money for the trouble. The reward money amount varies based on how many of the requested items were brought to her, with a maximum of 1,000 mk.


The location of Sirkka's house.

Grandma will initially call the player after a bit over 1 hour of real-time has passed since beginning the game. After this, she will sporadically call the player asking for more deliveries of groceries or fish. Only one request can be active at a time. The call timer starts counting again once the request has been fulfilled. Sirkka's house location will be marked on the in-game map on the wall behind the phone.


The grocery request is the more tedious one of the two. It requires the player to bring any or all of the three items requested by grandma: milk, sausages, and sugar. Although she asks for all of these items, she will accept multiples of just one kind. The amount of money each item is worth to her is static, and the value of each item placed inside the blue holder will be added to the final sum of money she hands out:

Item Grandma value Store value
Profit Profit Margin
Milk 20 mk 5.5 mk 14.5 mk 137%
Sausages 30 mk 10.95 mk 19.05 mk 157%
Sugar 15 mk 6.95 mk 8.05 mk 53.7%

This means that if the player brings 12 packs of sausages to grandma, she will hand out 360 mk (12*30), and profit the player 228.6 mk (12*30-12*10.95).

The maximum amount of money she hands out is 1,000 mk, which means that you can bring 50 milk, 33 sausages, or 66 sugar. Sausages may have the highest profit margin however with the 1,000 mk limit you can make a higher profit "per trip" with milk.

The most profit the player can make from a grocery request is 725 mk (50*20-50*5.5). The player would have to bring 50 cartons of milk to her at the same time though, which requires 7 trips to Teimo's shop. Bringing 33 sausages grandma will give the player 990 netting the player 589.95 (33*30-33*19.05)

Bringing in all of the stocked groceries from one trip to Teimo's Shop would profit the player 417.05 mk


The fish request is the easier one of the two. It requires the player to bring either raw or grilled pike to grandma. It is highly recommended to bring grilled pike as raw pike will start to rot after it's taken out of the fish trap, and bringing the entire fish trap to her house is not only cumbersome but also means that it cannot be used to get more fish for a while. Grandma will also pay more money for grilled pike, which means that needs to be brought to her in order to get the maximum amount of money from her (1,000 mk).

Grandma will hand out 200 mk per grilled pike and 100 mk per raw pike. This means that only 5 grilled pikes need to be brought to her to get 1,000 mk. Alternatively, 10 raw pikes can be brought, but this is not recommended. The pikes can be mismatched, and the total amount of money grandma hands out will be the total value of the pikes inside the blue container.

As with groceries, fish need to be placed in her blue storage container, after which you’ll need to sit and have a chat before she will offer you compensation.


  • It is recommended to bring fish and groceries to grandma's house prior to her calling the player, as it saves the player the trouble of having to go get the fish trap or having to go to Teimo's shop (it could even be closed at that time) coupled with the fact that she calls fairly infrequently (once every 3 hours and 20 minutes of real-time).