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Ferndale parked in Peräjärvi

The Ferndale's interior.

The Ferndale's new license plate, it previously had the same license plate as the van.

The 1973 Burnet Ferndale is an American muscle car based on the 1973 Dodge Coronet.

Owned by Fleetari, you can find the Ferndale parked outside the repair shop. Its primary purpose is to serve as a loaner car for whenever the Satsuma is being serviced. Once Fleetari first offers the Ferndale to the player, it can be driven freely at any time. Keeping the Ferndale for too long will prompt him to call and threaten the player to return it. Ignoring this message will then cause him to steal the Satsuma and dump it in a swamp.

Heavily modified to be a street-legal drag car and cruiser, the Ferndale features a "Back to the Future"-inspired paint job, dish rims (slot rims in experimental), wider rear tires, jacked-up rear suspension, and a massive hood scoop. Its bright green interior is also outfitted with an aftermarket tachometer, two red brake line lock buttons, and an American flag on the ceiling. The fuel filler cap is located underneath a chrome flap above the rear license plate, and the instrument panel lacks an odometer, much like the Ruscko, Kekmet or Jonnez.

Courtesy of its beefy V8 engine, the Ferndale is the fastest vehicle in the game, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 9 seconds with a cruising speed of around 140–150 km/h. It has a lock-out three-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter connected to a column shifter, allowing it to be locked into a gear on the shifter. The design of the transmission system also means that the car lacks a parking brake, as shifting to Park (P) fulfills that role.

Being an American import, the Ferndale's speedometer is in miles per hour rather than kilometers per hour like other vehicles in the game. It's important to be mindful of this to avoid being caught speeding at a police checkpoint. Here are some approximate speed conversions to keep in mind:

Metric Vehicles Ferndale
40 25
60 37
80 49
100 62
130 80
160 99
200 124

1973 dodge coronet

The Ferndale is an ideal alternative to the Hayosiko and Ruscko, especially before the player has access to them. In addition to superior driving performance, it has both a license plate to avoid getting fined at police checkpoints and a large trunk capable of fitting all forms of groceries and most aftermarket parts for the Satsuma. The back seats can also be used for transporting some larger car parts and objects.

Driving notes[]

Hold the foot brake while stationary to switch between park (P), reverse (R), neutral (N) or drive (D). Releasing the brake while in reverse or drive will cause the car to crawl. The gears can be changed between drive and manual gear selections (2 and 1) while moving. These are mostly used as "crawler" gears. Mostly used for towing heavy loads, or performing burnouts.

Take caution while driving on dirt roads, as the excessive power and poor traction makes it very easy to suddenly lose control. Be gentle with the accelerator and make light steering inputs. Do not steer as you are accelerating. The use of a steering wheel will greatly increase safety and drivability.

Fleetari makes a remark of the car's fuel consumption and the cost of refueling, and he is not joking. The Ferndale's fuel tank holds more than twice the Satsuma's capacity at 79 liters, but the massive engine needs it, and filling an empty tank can cost up to 400mk. This is also referenced in the Steam Greenlight trailer - ToplessGun states that you "can't afford this car".


A note from Fleetari that the player receives if they refuse to return the Ferndale.

  • When Fleetari steals the Satsuma, he will leave a note on the driveway which reads "Haista pitkä paska" (translating to "smell a long shit.")
  • The Ferndale has gone through multiple visual changes, first having a red interior and a blue exterior, then a pink interior and black exterior with flame livery, green interior and a red exterior with a flame livery, before finally being redesigned to a black exterior with an orange livery which it has today. It had steelies until 4.1.2020, now it has alloy slot wheels.
  • A unique feature of the Ferndale is a brake line lock - when enabled using the boost binding (signified by a red light on the dash), it locks up the front wheels, allowing for easy burnouts. Tastes best with the transmission locked into 1st.
  • Unlike most real-life line lock systems, it doesn't need to have the brakes held down when it is being enabled, instead working more like a Citroën's front-wheel handbrake - which can lead to a rather nasty, and potentially fatal surprise if an unsuspecting player tries to enable boost at high speeds.
  • The car is suggested to have been an object of dispute between Fleetari and Lindell. According to one of Fleetari's possible lines following the completion of the vandalism side job, he has struggled to get the Ferndale to pass inspection for 2 years, believing that Lindell has complicated the approval process for Fleetari out of jealousy or spite... or simply because of the car's extensive, not highway-legal modifications.
  • The car's presence and flashy design is a reference to the effects of Finland's former leniency towards American imports until the mid-1970s as well as raggare, a broad North European car subculture with rural, working class roots that commonly incorporates classic American cars, and is later humorously associated with middle-aged men showing off their prized vehicles at car meets.
  • The Ferndale serves as a replacement for the Fury, a removed drag racing car.
  • You can use the Ferndale to race Jani or Petteri - however, picking up Suski is out of the question.
  • The Ferndale has a clock, but is most likely broken because it is missing its needles.
  • The Ferndale is the only car in the game (if you don't count teimo's bike) with an automatic transmission.
  • The Ferndale is a very safe car. Due to its body shape, you can survive a car crash no matter how fast you're driving, that is, if you're not crashing into a truck or a bus, and not into a tree - unlike cars, trees are immovable objects, meaning that crashing into one leads to a complete stop, likely causing death.
Update Changes
28 January
• Added the Ferndale
27 February
• Interior textures added
8 November
• Made door usage easier
5 February
• Fleetari wants the Ferndale back now
17 April
• Fixed an issue with being able to drive from the rear seat
23 February
• Adjusted wheel rotation inertia
30 April
• Fixed transmission issues
• Added better turbine simulation
• Increased power and brakes
• Changed style
24 October
• Added seat belts
1 April
• Wheels have been replaced with Slot wheels