The CD is an item which can be found inside the CD case. It can be inserted into the CD player to listen to custom music. Up to 15 tracks can be added to the CD, and the CD image can be customised by editing the coverart.png file in the installation directory.

Adding musicEdit

Custom music must be in Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) format, and each track must be named Track1.ogg, Track2.ogg, Track3.ogg up until Track15.ogg. Music must be inserted into the following directory:

.\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\CD

Editing cover artEdit

Locate the coverart.png file within the above written CD folder. Open the file in the image editor of choice and make the changes. Once finished, overwrite the old file, making sure the file is a PNG and retains the original name.

Note: The image resolution can be higher than the original file, only the aspect ratio has to remain the same for the texture to map properly.
CD case resolution difference


  • Although the CD is a new method for importing custom music, the radio still has a station for custom music.