This article is about the stock carburator. For other carburators, see Carburator (disambiguation).

The carburator (sic) is a part for the Satsuma which can be found in the garage at home. It is attached to the engine block with 4x8mm bolts. The stock carburator is slow and has a separate airfilter that is attached with 2x6mm bolts.

Always put on the airfilter when using the stock carburator. Not doing so will result in it getting dirty, which will make the engine response worse and hamper performance.

The fuel mixture can be adjusted by turning the screw on top of the carburator with a screwdriver, scrolling down makes the mixture richer (less part wear, higher performance [to a point; overly rich mixtures aren't efficient] and fuel consumption), and scrolling up makes the mixture leaner (more part wear, lower performance and fuel consumption).