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Cigarettes (Fin.png: savuke) are a way to relieve stress in My Summer Car. They can be bought from Teimo's shop or Pub Nappo. They can also be served with the food from the tray while in jail for free. Smoking a cigarette also slightly reduces hunger.

By default I is pressed to smoke a cigarette. Holding I will smoke the cigarette. An unwanted cigarette can be thrown away by double pressing I.

Smoking too many cigarettes will cause nicotine addiction which increases the rate of stress. A maximum of 20 cigarettes can be held by the player.

A player smoking a cigarette in-game.

Cigarette fires[]

Cigarettes can cause the player's house to burn down if they fall asleep in their bed while smoking a cigarette.

The player can also cause an explosive gas fire at Teimo's shop if they throw away a cigarette while pumping gasoline. This will cause an instant death, but will reward you with an Achievement.


  • The brand of the cigarettes is "Petsamo". Petsamo is a former Finnish area in Lapland that was ceded to the Soviet Union in 1944 at the end of the continuation war
  • The company which produces the cigarettes is Suomen Tupakka Oy ("Finnish Cigarettes Ltd."). This was a real company name, though in 1995 they were operating under the name BAT Finland Oy; currently, they are operating as British American Tobacco Oy.
  • The small print at the bottom of the pack reads "tupakka on erittäin haitallista terveydelle", which translates to "tobacco is extremely harmful to [your] health". Remember, this was before graphic health warnings were made mandatory by the government.
  • Prior to the 30 April 2018 update, falling asleep in any other resting places besides the player's bed at home while smoking a cigarette will cause a house fire.
  • While blind from fireworks, hand smoking cigarette still can be seen.