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Con-Line BBS is an online bulletin board system that can be accessed on the Mikropekka computer at home. The bulletin board can be accessed by using the computer's built in BBS program, TeleBBS, and typing in atdt 938xxxxxx - the last six numbers are random for each save file. The number that must be dialed can be found written on a note located on the floor of the vacant shop's backroom next to the inspection shop. The note says:

Con-Line BBS note

The Conline note

BBS number location

Note location

conline (pelei!):
938 xxxxxx
huom suuntanro!

niin ja Kalle hei,
maksa velkas tollo!

This translates to: "conline (games!): 938 xxxxxx note the area code! oh and hey Kalle, pay your debt you goon!"


A display name must be entered upon starting the program by pressing , typing in the username, then pressing again. There are three different sections that can be accessed, but currently only the files section has a function; entering the ranks section will display "Nothing here yet...".


This feature is now somewhat defunct, but the chat room is very simple; chat messages are typed on the keyboard and sent by pressing ​​. The chat window displays 15 of the most recent messages. Unfortunately, the official chat room server was removed due to possible legal troubles.[1]

However, since the chat program itself has not been removed, it is possible for the implementation of community run dedicated chat servers. This steam discussion details how to use a current available community server.


The files section has twelve programs (eleven different games and one utility program) and eight images that can be downloaded to the computer's hard drive. Once a file has been downloaded, it will remain on the hard drive indefinitely, persisting through saving and reloading of the program. Downloaded files can be downloaded again from the BBS, but will not have any effect on existing files saved on the drive. The download speed can be altered by changing the baud mode in the TeleBBS interface and the fastest possible mode, 9600, corresponds to 1.2kB/s.

To download any of the files, type "/load [filename] c:" into the text field, where [filename] is the name of the file, including the file extension (e.g. allikko.exe). The whole command must be typed in lower case, even though the on-screen instructions say otherwise. Download is paused while sleeping. Blacking out drunk or reloading a save cancels the download (losing its progress) - files are downloaded only in real time.


The below table lists all the programs, varying in size from 120 to 16980 kilobytes, as well as their sizes and the time it would take to download them at the highest speed of 1.2kB/s.

Game Filename Size Time
Ojasta Alkoon allikko.exe 310kB 4m 19s
Filosofiapeli filosofi.exe 120kB 1m 40s
Fishgame fishgame.exe 140kB 1m 57s
Run the Gauntlet gauntlet.exe 470kB 6m 32s
Grillisimulaattori grilli.exe 860kB 11m 57s
Pasi Invaders invapasi.exe 540kB 7m 30s
Johnny F. Kemedy Racing Challenge jfkrace.exe 950kB 13m 12s
Picview picview.exe 711kB 9m 52s
Conan McGuinness Global Rally Grand Prix 95 rally95.exe 16980kB 3h 55m 50s
Sormileikki sormilki.exe 220kB 3m 3s
Wild Vest wildvest.exe 340kB 4m 43s
World's Man worldman.exe 1330kB 18m 28s
Total 22971kB 5h 19m 3s

"skanni" images[]

In addition to software, a collection of downloadable JPG images, all titled "skanni" ("scan" in English) and numbered 01 to 08, were added to the listing following the 03.12.2023 update. An installation of Picview on the computer is required to open these images after downloading.

Filename Size Time
skanni01.jpg 38kB 32s
skanni02.jpg 72kB 1m
skanni03.jpg 38kB 32s
skanni04.jpg 39kB 33s
skanni05.jpg 98kB 1m 22s
skanni06.jpg 32kB 27s
skanni07.jpg 27kB 23s
skanni08.jpg 24kB 20s
Total 368kB 5m 7s

When opened on Picview, the images are revealed to be teaser screenshots for My Winter Car. Under normal conditions the images will appear on the monitor's screen stretched to a 4:3 dimension, and distorted by a CRT filter and convex screen surface. However, the raw unfiltered 512x512 pixel images can be found in the game files and extracted for viewing outside the game:


Entering this section will only display "Nothing here yet...". This section will likely be used for listing high-scores from the above games.