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Conan McGuinness Global Rally Grand Prix 95 is a computer game that the player can download to the player's Mikropekka computer through the Con-Line BBS.

Suggested to be a recently released rally racing game from 1995, Global Rally Grand Prix 95 is depicted to have the largest filesize of all Con-Line BBS games, at 16980kB (16.98MB), thus taking an upwards of two in-game days (or 3h 55m 50s of real time) to download through the home's dial-up connection at a maximum download speed of 1.2kB/s.

The challenge in the game lies not in the game itself, but the download process, as downloads must be performed continuously in a single run and various difficulties emerge when downloading a game this large. During downloading, the player must avoid blacking out while drunk or reloading their save as the download progress will be cancelled and reset; sleeping also does not speed up the download progress, merely pausing it instead. The required long hours keeping the computer turned on and connected online will also rake up high electricity and phone bills, which the player will need to pay on time during downloading or risk power or phone line cuts that cancels the download. Due to the remote risk of a house fire from leaving the computer on for a very long time, it is also advisable to have a fire extinguisher on standby.

When downloaded and executed, the game is revealed to be struggling to run on the player's computer due to inadequate hardware, mainly insufficient RAM. The cinematic intro and menus are the only aspects of the game that function in some capacity; the full motion video intro plays at a very low framerate with skipped frames, while the player's only tangible interaction with the game is with the menu system, which has options for vehicles, racing modes, and game settings. When the player attempts to start a race, the game will crash or the computer completely freezes, depending on what graphical settings are chosen.

Due to its non-functional state and official release in conjunction with April Fools' Day, the game may be regarded as a joke game in My Summer Car, poking fun at players who blindly obtain new games with far higher hardware requirements than their computers support.


  • When entering a race in single-player, your computer will completely freeze and you will unlock the "Engine started!" achievement.
    • If the game's options aren't turned down to the minimum (everything either Low or Off), the computer won't freeze and you won't get any achievement - the game will simply quit to the command prompt and print a Not enough memory message.
  • This game reveals the manufacturers of the rally cars seen during the Rally Sprint Race, as well as detailed information about them.
  • "Bagbeer Entertainment" is a play on Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment, which developed Rally Trophy, Flatout 1 and 2, and Wreckfest.
    • Asking someone to go for “Bagbeers” (Fin: Pussikaljat), is Finnish slang for going out with your friends somewhere to spend time, and buying a plastic bag full of alcohol drinks (usually beer) for consuming.
  • The game is a nod to PC-based rally games from the mid-to-late 1990s, which often incorporate then graphically demanding full motion videos and 3D engines, and CD-quality audio. Among its likely inspirations include Bugbear's Rally Trophy (2001), with the name - most notably the Conan McGuiness part - and the menu design being based on the original Colin McRae Rally (1998), and contemporary PC-based rally games with similar presentation, such as Pixelkraft's Network Q RAC Rally (1993), and Magnetic Fields' Network Q RAC Rally Championship (1996) and International Rally Championship (1997).
  • Despite suggestions of its technical complexity, rally95.exe's 17 megabyte size is insufficient for a game of this kind, as they realistically require tens to hundreds of megabytes and were more practically distributed in compact discs. It is likely that the game's filesize was scaled down substantially by ToplessGun to allow downloads of the game to be possible but still difficult with the computer's low internet speed.