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The console with the SALE command typed in.

The console was a feature that was used by the developer to test the game before its release. The console was accidentally included with the first public version of the game, and was removed a few days later with the 26 October 2016 update.

Although the console is disabled by default; it can still be enabled by certain people, and accessed by opening the options menu with F1 or ESC. Commands can be entered by typing on the keyboard while having the console open and pressing . The command line can fit 12 characters. Entering an incorrect command will cause the console to display "UNKNOWN COMMAND :-(".

The table below lists all currently known console commands. Commands with an asterisk require a numerical value to be entered, for example; TIME20 would change the time to 8 pm, DATE5 would change the day to Friday. All console commands are four digits long; anything typed after the fourth digit will be ignored (apart from numerical values).

Code Effect
DATA Car debug
(Might not function properly)
DATE* Change day of week
DRAG Teleport to the airfield
HEMO Teleport to Home
JAIL Teleport to jail
KEKE God mode (immortal)
(Might not function properly)
KESA Teleport to the theatre
KILL Removes Satsuma from the game world
LEFA Teleport to Fleetari Repair Shop
MANS Teleport to the mansion
MOKK Teleport to the cottage island
PIGG Teleport to the ventti house
POOR* Add money
PORO Labelled as "Make muscle drag"
(Doesn't function)
RBED Get sleep
(Doesn't work with newer versions)
RCAR Move the Satsuma back home
(Doesn't work with newer versions)
RTRA Move the tractor back home
(Doesn't work with newer versions)
RVAN Move the van back home
(Doesn't work with newer versions)
SALE Teleport to Teimo's Shop
SEIV Save the game
(Doesn't work with newer versions)
SHIT Fills Gifu's septic tank
TANS Teleport to the dance pavilion
TIME* Change time
WEAR Removes part wear
WEAT Change the weather