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The dance pavilion is a wooden, octagonal-shaped building located northwest of Loppe. In order to get to it, the player can take the dirt road from Loppe heading west towards Peräjärvi. The building appears to be a cabin that has large windows that allow the player to take in the view of lake Peräjärvi. A band performs at the pavilion every Saturday from 20:00 to 02:00.

The building doesn’t have a save spot and the doors are locked when the band is not performing there. The yard has a parking lot that can fit about four cars. Inside, there is a large circular room with a dance floor as well as an elevated stage for a band or other performers. A pier can be found at the beach south of the building.

Jani and Petteri drive to the dance pavilion when the band starts playing, then hang around for about two in-game hours. Kuski will appear in the car park as well and is willing to give the player a lift home.


Dance advert.png

Each Saturday a barn dance will take place with a band playing two songs found on the radio. Many people will come to dance and be merry. A security guard watches over the band and will throw the player out if they show him the middle finger, pee inside, or try to start a fight.

The two songs that the band plays are Taksi mies and Rakkauden pyörteet (also known as Dieseli mersu raivoaa and Miestä syö). The lead singer, Jörkka Sten, will also tell jokes between songs.

People dancing inside the pavilion.

Fist fighting[]

The drunken brawler.

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A drunken man can be found behind the pavilion every dance night, though at times he may not appear there: he will start fighting the player if they punch or get too close to him. The player will fall over or get knocked out if they get hit too many times. He can be fought back by getting close to him and pressing the punch key (default H) when he stops blocking; only punches to the face do damage.

The man's hat and glasses can be punched off with enough force, and knocking him out will cause him to drop his wristwatch, as well as his bottle of booze.


If the player character misbehaves inside the dance pavilion and gets kicked out by the guard, he will develop a negative reputation. If the player's reputation becomes too poor, they will be dragged and thrown out of the pavilion by the security guard immediately upon entering. There is currently no way to fix a bad reputation, thus negative interactions with the guard should be avoided in the first place.