Player death screen

The bloody overlay that appears when the player character dies.

Unfortunately, there are a plethora of ways to succumb to death in My Summer Car, most commonly crashing into something when driving one of the many vehicles or not managing the character's bodily needs. When the player character dies, the screen will turn into splatters of blood for around five seconds as the player character slowly screams their last. Blood will not splatter if the player character dies by drowning in sewage or neglecting player attributes. Afterwards, a newspaper will show on screen informing the residents of Peräjärvi how the player character died.

If permanent death has been turned on and the player character dies, the save game will be deleted, awarding the player with the "And it's gone!" Steam achievement if ALT+F4 is not pressed before the newspaper shows up. Permanent death can be disabled by unchecking the permadeath option while creating a new profile. The setting cannot be changed easily once the game has been started, requiring the use of third-party tools.

Ways of dyingEdit

There are multiple ways to die around Alivieska, some more predictable than others. Currently it is not possible to die from falling or being too dirty.

Issue Cause Image
Crashing in any vehicle. Crashing into a vehicle or an obstacle in any vehicle other than the Jonnez ES.
Death by crash
Crashing during the rally Crashing the car during the rally event.
Death by reckless rallying
Crashing on moped. Crashing into a vehicle or an obstacle while riding the moped.
Death by moped
Getting run over by car. Ran over by any AI car.
Death by hit-and-run
Getting run over by train. Ran over by train when on foot.
Death by train
Drowning in waste. Falling into a sewage well.
Death by sewage
Electric shock Answering the phone during a thunderstorm, or wiring Satsuma's electrical components without disconnecting the battery first.
Death by electric shock
Dehydration. Dying of thirst.
Death by dehydration
Starvation. Dying of hunger.
Death by starvation
Burst bladder. Dying of high urine levels.
Death by bladder
Drunk driving accident. Flipping the middle finger to Pena and making him drive faster so he can kill the player.
Death by Pena
Murdered by Jokke Steal the suitcase of money which spawns after taking Jokke home five times.
Death by Jokke
Dying from excess stress. Having high levels of stress for a long time.
Death by stress
Drowning. Going swimming in the lake when drunk.
Death by drowning
Exploding and burning to death. Smoking a cigarette while refuelling.
Death by explosion
Dying in a house fire. Being inside a burning house and getting caught in the flames.
Death by fire
Getting stung by wasps. Being near/inside the Ruscko or the Mansion without neutralising the respective wasp nests first.
Death by wasp stings

Other charactersEdit

Dead Jani

Jani after colliding with a lorry.

In addition to the player character, some other characters can die too, such as Jani and Pena. Most other characters cannot be killed, they will simply fall asleep and start snoring. If they're in a vehicle, the vehicle and the character will be splattered in blood.


Autopsy report

Dying with permanent death turned on will cause the current save to be deleted, forcing the player to either restore from a backup, or start a new game. Dying with permadeath mode enabled will also display an "autopsy report", which is a collection of various statistics prior to the player's demise.

If permanent death is turned off, the player character will respawn at the graveyard in Peräjärvi after clicking continue in the main menu, and all progress that happened prior to the death will be saved.


Death by fatigue

The headline that appeared when the player character died from fatigue.

  • Prior to the 18 August 2018 update, the player character was able to die from fatigue.
  • If a character in a vehicle dies, they will be splattered with blood while in the car, but will not when they aren't in the car.