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The crossroads southeast of Kesselinperä.

The dirt roads (Fin.png: hiekkatie) of Alivieska are narrow paths which can be driven or walked on in order to reach various places around the lake. The roads are winding and treacherous, requiring utmost care and concentration from the player regardless of the vehicle used to navigate them. The roads have various speed limits, ranging from 40km/h to 60km/h.

The dirt roads connect to the highway/asphalt roads at four points; southeast of Kesselinperä, north of Loppe, east of Peräjärvi, and in the western part of Rykipohja.

Although the roads are as dense as asphalt; the traction is much worse. This makes braking, steering, and accelerating less responsive which can be dangerous when approaching corners. Be mindful of the slight elevation difference between the terrain and the dirt roads.

The Rally Sprint Race also utilises the dirt roads, and Spectators can be seen standing next to the roads near corners on Saturdays and Sundays. It is recommended to avoid driving on the dirt road (if possible) during rally hours.


As dangerous as the dirt roads are by themselves, they also offer some less predictable hazards:

  • Pena - The player character's cousin, Pena, constantly drives back and forth from Rykipohja to Peräjärvi through Loppe. Although he can be killed; he will respawn when the game is reloaded.
  • Moose - The moose only appear at night, running across the road at random times and spots. They are completely silent and blend in with the foliage which makes the only realistic way to avoid them not driving at night.
  • Train - The dirt roads have three crossings for the railroad tracks; one right next to Jokke's house, one before the first intersection from Kesselinperä, and one next to the barn where a wrecked car can be found, near Sirkka's house. The train is very loud, but the sound can be drowned out by an even louder car engine.
  • Rally cars - During the weekly rally event on Saturdays and Sundays, rally competitors will race on the dirt roads (from Peräjärvi to Rykipohja through Loppe on Saturdays and the opposite direction on Sundays). Due to their high speeds and total disregard for safe driving, the cars pose a great deal of danger to the player and spectators alike.
  • Utility lines poles - They are solid unlike traffic signs, and crashing into them often results in death.



there are quite a few useful/interesting places that can only be reached via the dirt roads: