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This is a list of the vehicles that show up at the airfield during the drag racing event on Friday from 06:00 to 22:00. Each car has a unique driver, some of which the player may have met already.


Covina dragline.jpg

The Covina is based on a 2nd gen Chevrolet Bel Air. The car is driven by Kari Kolaoja and is very fast compared to the other competitors.

Masser Y[]

Masser Y dragline.jpg

The Masser is based on a Morris 12 Y-type. This van is by far the fastest accelerating vehicle in My Summer Car and is driven by Rolf Kämärä.

Ricochet ST[]

Ricochet ST dragline.jpg

The Ricochet is based on a Toyota Carina 1600 ST. Jani drives this car and can otherwise be found outside Teimo's shop or speeding around Peräjärvi. He should stop showing off his newly found girlfriend for weight reduction.

Svoboda 180[]

Svoboda dragline.jpg

The Svoboda is based on a Škoda 105. The driver, Petteri, is the slowest one to accelerate out of all the other participants. This is certainly not a sleeper.

Victra (techno)[]

Victra dragline.jpg

The vehicle is based on an Opel Vectra (A). The legendary "Techno Viking" is the fastest out of the newer models. It can be seen on the highway. An unseen person only known as K. Nygren is the driver of this vehicle.