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Driving grandma to church is a job given to you directly by Sirkka over the phone asking if she could get a lift to the church. She will call on Sundays at 6 am for you to pick her up at her house. Due to her bad legs she can only get into the more lower-slung cars, such as the Satsuma, Ferndale or Ruscko. If you don't arrive on time, she'll walk to church.

If she does not get into the car after coming to a stop in front of her house, reposition your vehicle so that you are closer. She will immediately begin talking once she is about to enter the vehicle.

During the entire car trip, she will continue her usual rambling. As tempting as it may be to drive faster to minimise the amount of time spent listening, it is better to maintain a safe speed to avoid losing control.

There is no immediate reward given by her, but the next time you bring her food she will give you an additional 500 mk.

Sirkka will die permanently if she gets hit by any vehicle on her walk and will never appear in front of her house again, making her grocery job unavailable, whilst also making you feel bad in the process. It is recommended to drive her, as it will greatly reduce the risk of her being killed by a reckless rally car.


  • This job 'might' (obviously) have been created due to Steam forums being flooded with the word “chirch”, and players constantly asking to be able to "take grandma to chirch."
  • Prior to this job, Sirkka is invulnerable.
  • Completing this job will grant you the "Kela-Taxi" achievement.
  • Going to bed (or more importantly sleeping on the mattress in Ruscko) while driving grandma to church prompts her to exit the vehicle.