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Jouko's dropoff point, notice how he knocks himself out with the door of the Satsuma.

Jouko getting taken home in the Satsuma.

Driving a drunk home is an odd job that starts with a phone call from Jouko in the middle of the night, around 02:00, when Pub Nappo closes.

Jouko requests the player to pick him up from Pub Nappo and drive him to his house. The pub is located next to Teimo's Shop. From there, travel towards Loppe via the dirt roads or the highway. Drive past Fleetari Repair Shop and continue south on the dirt roads. Shortly after crossing the railway line, Jouko's house (grey house) is on the right. Upon arrival, he pays a sum between 50 and 3000 mk (read the money reward system section for more information) and gracefully steps out of the car. If the player waits long enough, Jouko will not give the money and get out of the car. The amount of money he gives depends on how fast he was taken home.

Jouko can be picked up in the Satsuma, as well as Hayosiko, Ferndale and Ruscko. He can not be picked up in the, Kekmet, Jonnez or Gifu.

Driving during the night can be dangerous since there is a high risk of crossing paths with a wild moose (elk) with fatal consequences.

Jokke in your car.

If the player gets out of the vehicle and walks into Jouko, he can be knocked to the ground, falling asleep and snoring. He can be picked up while he is in rag doll mode and lifted into any vehicle, though he will not pay the player for the ride anymore.

Money reward system[]

The system works by starting at 3000mk and decreasing 10mk every 1 second. This means that the maximum amount of money you could get is 3000mk, but it is impossible, since you would need to take him home in under a single second. The maximum humanly possible amount of money is about 1200-1300mk.

Other rewards[]

When driving him home for the fifth time, Jouko will explain to the player that he is a millionaire and hides his money in a suitcase. After waiting around three hours of real life time, he will call the player to help him move to his new house as long as the suitcase has not been stolen.