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Filosofiapeli (Philosophy game) is a reaction-based game that can be played on the Mikropekka computer at home. It can be downloaded from the Files section of Con-Line BBS; the file size is 120 kilobytes, which means that downloading the game at the highest possible baud rate will take about 3 minutes and 20 seconds. The game can be accessed with the filosofi command and, as with most other games, terminated by pressing Q. The goal of the game is to press and hold the correct key at the correct time.


The objective of the game is to press and hold one of the three designated keys at the correct time; while the philosopher is speaking, when the philosopher stops speaking, and after thinking no longer makes a chiming sound. Although the entire game is in Finnish, it is simple enough that non-Finnish speakers shouldn't have any problem playing it. One game lasts for 60 seconds. Gameplay of the the philosophy game can be found here.


There are seven different ranks that can be acquired based on how well the player "understood" the philosopher:

  • Presidentti (President)
  • Pankkiiri (Banker)
  • Puheenjohtaja (Chairman)
  • Jahkailija (Shilly-shallier)
  • Sirkuspelle (Circus clown)
  • Sirkuspöllö (Circus owl)
  • Ankka (Duck)


  • The game creator's name, Emmanuelle Kunt, is a corrupted (and obscene) spelling of Immanuel Kant, a famous German philosopher.
  • Getting the "banker" rank will unlock the "Philosophy Master" achievement.
    • The "banker" rank has to be achieved specifically; getting the "president" rank will not unlock the achievement.