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The player will receive a phone call from the firewood guy asking to buy a load of firewood. You can fill the trailer with chopped firewood and deliver it to his house using the Kekmet for some extra money.

The firewood guy will initially call the player after 4 hours and 10 minutes of real time has passed. Once the first load of firewood is delivered, he will order another load after 8 hours and 20 minutes of real time has passed. He will be waiting outside his house for the player from 6:00 to 22:00. The job cannot be completed when he isn't there or knocked out.

Chopping firewood[]

Grab the ax and activate it (F by default). Left click on the pile of wood to get a log on the chopping block. Swing the ax (RMB) at the log until it splits in half. You may have to re-adjust your position for the logs to split consistently. Throw the split pieces of firewood into the trailer. The chopping block must be completely clear to grab another log, and you cannot pick up un-chopped logs.

It takes 171 pieces of firewood (85 logs) to completely fill the trailer, but you could deliver less than a full load at the cost of less payment. The trailer is full when the pile of firewood inside won't visually grow anymore. Any firewood not loaded into the trailer will be removed upon reloading the game.

Delivering firewood[]

Drive to firewood guy's house (marked on the map with a dart) with the trailer of firewood. Back the trailer onto the gravel area in front of his house and open the rear hatch. Increase the tractor's rpm using the hand throttle, then use the rear hydraulics lever to raise the trailer bed. You need to dump it on the green tarpaulin, otherwise it will just stay in trailer. After the trailer empties, the firewood guy will give you some cash, up to 3,200 mk for a full load. You can then lower the bed and drive away.

Unlike pumping sewage, you cannot complete this task at night. The firewood guy is absent until morning.

If you run into the firewood guy, he will fall down unconscious and leave a free bottle of booze for your taking. If you accidentally knock him unconscious before dumping the firewood, you must wait until the next day to finish the job.


  • It takes about 17-20 minutes to chop the firewood and put it in the trailer, delivering the wood to him takes 10-12 minutes and 1-2 minutes to dump the wood out. Finally, getting back home also takes 10-12 minutes. In total the complete job takes 46 minutes (for the slowest players) or 38 minutes (for skilled players).
  • While it may be very time consuming, the van can be filled up with firewood and towed behind the tractor as well, allowing you to double your profit. This method can cause game framerate issues and makes the journeys to and from Firewood guy’s house a lot more time consuming.
  • Chopping wood is a great, quick and cheap stress reliever.
  • You can greatly increase your speed of loading the firewood by grabbing the wood carrier and dragging it over the chopped wood. It will pick up 9 pieces of firewood, then you can empty it over the trailer using F.