This article is about Pena's car. For the fittan on the highway, see Fittan (highway).

Pena's Fittan is a non-driveable vehicle based on the Fiat/Seat 133. It has custom wheels, sounds like a little bit more high-pitched Satsuma, and has a door which can be opened by the player to get in the car and enter "Passenger Mode". The driver of the car is Pena. It is possible to get a lift from him just by opening the passenger door and getting into passenger mode by pressing while the player character is on the passenger seat inside the vehicle and the passenger mode icon Passenger mode icon appears. The car ride will take the player all the way home as long as the player is in passenger mode.

The Fittan can also be used to tow a car back home, the repair shop, Peräjärvi, etc. by attaching it to the Fittan's towing hook. The player should enter the car that is being towed to ensure it doesn't veer off the dirt roads, causing damage and possibly getting both of the cars stuck.

Since there's not a clear indication of when the car is coming, one has to be careful while driving. The AI takes a lot of corner speed, will not slow down, stop or turn to avoid the player and is a big threat to them and their car.

There is actually a tricky method of getting home while getting a lift from Pena. When flipping the bird on Pena, he will start speeding which may lead to him crashing and killing both him and the player. Pressing the hitchhike button for a short period of time while driving with him slows him down; this can be used when he is approaching a corner.


  • The car's name, Fittan, is the definite of the Swedish word for "pussy" or "the pussy".

Patch notesEdit

Update Changes
11 October
• Added the Fittan
8 November
• The player can now hitchhike in the Fittan
5 February
• A major impact will now kill the driver
29 May
• The car travels to home now when the player is in passenger mode
23 December
• Added towing hooks to the Fittan