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This article is about the Fittan on the highway. For other Fittans, see Fittan (disambiguation).

The Fittan is a non-driveable vehicle based on the Fiat/Seat 133 which can be seen driving randomly around the highway.

Unlike Pena's Fittan, this Fittan appears to be in better shape, with a complete set of hubcaps and no blemishes on its red textureless body. However, it similarly emits a engine sound that resembles a high-pitched Satsuma. Prior to the 12.08.2021 update the car also formerly sported a mismatching green passenger-side door. As with most other vehicles on the highway, the Fittan spawns when the player enters the highway for the first time during a game session, but only spawns at night since the 12.08.2021 update, often when the player takes Jokke home during early mornings.

A wrecked Fittan can be found at Fleetari Repair Shop and next to Toivo's house.


  • The car's name, Fittan, is the definite of the Swedish word for "the pussy".
  • The unpainted green door and red color scheme was a remnant of the Pena's Fittan's door being copied and not altered to fit the red paint job.
  • The engine bay locates at the rear part, making the layout as RR (Rear-engined, Rear Wheel Drive). Other RR cars are Svoboda and bus.
  • The driver's animations are actually reusing Pena's animations, The only difference being the Booze bottle being replaced with a Cigarette
  • Despite Pena receiving a revamp to his car's model, this car still uses the old Fittan model with the detail-less interior and blockier design.