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White order sheet visible on the counter.

Fleetari Repair Shop (Fin.png: Fleetarin korjaamo & maalaamo) is a car repair shop located in Loppe where the player may repair, upgrade, recolor and/or test their Satsuma. The address of the shop is Loppentie 8, and the owner, who is also the mechanic, goes by the name Fleetari. The car repair shop is open from 08:00 to 16:00, Monday to Friday.

The repair job takes a random amount of real-time, between 23 to 43 minutes. The mechanic will call the player when the work is done, but he gives the call only once. It is possible to pick up the car even before Fleetari has called. If one is not sure if the repairs are done, it can be checked if there's a service brochure on the repair shop counter - if it's absent then the car is not ready yet and you can't do new orders. If the shop is closed, this method doesn't work because Fleetari also removes service brochure when he closes the shop.

Fleetari's car, the Ferndale, can be found in front of the shop and can only be driven if an order has been placed for the Satsuma, and the keys are given to the player. This is so that the player doesn't have to walk back home.

An outhouse is located just outside the shop. Below the bus shelter behind the broken Kekmet, the rocker cover GT and GT steering wheel can be found. The long coil springs can found between the orange Svoboda and the building. The coil springs are from a larger vehicle and are not recommended to be installed to the Satsuma.

Service brochure[]

Main article: Service brochure

The player can make the service orders by clicking the white sheet on the counter. This service brochure has seven pages including the front page; clicking the curved arrows on the bottom of the left page allows navigation. The order is accepted by clicking the pay now ("maksa nyt") text on the bottom to the right page. Fleetari will let the player borrow his Ferndale when he is working on the car. After he's done, he will notify the player with a phone call. After the phone call, the player's Satsuma can be picked up from the repair shop. Currently, all services are 10% off but can be increased to 40% by doing vandalism for Fleetari. On the 24th-26th of December, Fleetari will give a 75% discount on everything from the service brochure.

Note: Fleetari will only fix broken engine parts if they are inside the office and are not attached to the car/other parts.

On the final gear change page, make sure to first click the price checkbox (1350) and then check a box next to the desired final gear ratio. A lower number means slower acceleration but higher top speed while a higher number means faster acceleration but lower top speed. 4.286 is the factory default (hand-written on the bottom of the right page; "vakio" means default).

Service Cost (mk) 10 % off (mk) 40 % off (mk) 75% off (mk)
Wheel alignment 495 445,5 297 121
Brake check and repair 1230 1107 738 307
Repair of broken engine parts 2915 2623,5 1749 728
Engine adjustment 1290 1161 774 322
Motor tuning 4065 3658,5 2439 1016
Windshield replacement 2110 1899 1266 527
Suspension straightening 9200 8280 5520 2300
Roll cage install 5500 4950 3300 1375
Roll cage removal 790 711 474 197
Nitrous oxide bottle fill up 850 765 510 212
Final gear change 1350 1215 810 337
4.286 (default)
Sheet metal and rust repair
Car body 8750 7875 5250 2187
Door left 1230 1107 738 307
Door right 1230 1107 738 307
Fender left 845 760,5 507 211
Fender right 845 760,5 507 211
Hood 620 558 372 155
Bootlid 475 427,5 285 118
Bumper front 780 702 468 195
Bumper rear 780 702 468 195
Front grill 510 459 306 127
Paint jobs
Car paint job regular color 10150 9135 6090 2537
Car paint job metal color 18950 17055 11370 4737
Custom paint made by an artist 21700 19530 13020 5425
Factory original special paint job 13900 12510 8340 3475
Rim polish 635 571,5 381 158
Rim painting regular color 1150 1035 690 287
Rim painting metal color 1925 1732,5 1155 481
Standard road tire 1750 1575 1050 437
Gommer Gobra road tire 2110 1899 1266 527
EURopeiska rally tires 3200 2880 1920 800
Sutasiko slick tires 2950 2655 1770 737

Spare parts[]

The spare parts shelf.

Fleetari sells spare parts at the store. Spare parts can be found on a shelf inside the store next to the front door. Parts need to be uninstalled from the engine before they can be found and purchased in the store. There is no discount on the spare parts.

Part Cost (mk)
Water pump 350
Alternator 425
Starter 295
Piston (1 - 4) 349 (each)
Crankshaft 915
Head gasket 329
Rocker shaft 729
Block 2490
Gearbox 1950
Oil pan 520
Fuel pump 320
Clutch disc 375
Total 10094

Dynamo, lift and tools[]

Fleetari has a working dynamometer which can be rented on a per-hour basis by clicking (LMB) the advertisement to the left of his cash register. It costs 195 mk per hour and will tell the player the power output for their Satsuma.

To the left of the dynamo is a car lift, which is free to use, allowing the player better access to the Satsuma's underside. The lift is raised and lowered with LMB and RMB on the control box fitted to the left front lift strut. Be careful not to knock the vehicle off from the lift while poking through.

In between the dynamo and lift, at the back of the room, is a tool cart housing every available tool in both the spanner set and ratchet set combined. No need to worry about bringing your tool kits, though the tool cart cannot be moved and is quite far away from the Satsuma if it's on the lift. There is also a floor jack near the garage door.

When outside of working hours, tools inside the shop can be accessed by leaving the front door opened before shop closing. The tool cart can also be reached by leaning through shop's back wall. Keep in mind that front door and floor jack positions will reset on game reload.


  • Never park your vehicle in the garage doorway! This can destroy the Satsuma very easily, or cause the vehicle to fall out of the world. Also, remember to NOT leave your car inside the garage near the closing time, as it will be impossible to access the closed shop until it reopens again without any save-editing or game modifications.


  • The interior of the workshop garage features a dummied-out remnant of the "Fury", a custom 1960s coupe based on the 1961 Plymouth Fury. The car's presence is a nod to its existence as a muscle car testbed during My Summer Car's early development before it was succeeded by the Ferndale. Due to likely sharing similar assets as the Ferndale, its current model appears considerably more unrefined in the garage than in earlier depictions of the car during testing, with parts disabled or simplified.
  • Fleetari's repair shop is surrounded by junked vehicles, including a stripped Kekmet and Gifu, a wheel-less Pölsa, a relatively intact Svoboda, and a rusted out Fittan. An old bus stand also lies by the Pölsa.
  • There is a poster on the wall for the drag racing event at the drag strip.
  • There is no phone inside of the shop for Leif to call the player about a missing Burnet Ferndale or a Satsuma AMP ready to be picked up.
  • In older versions of the game, a glitch existed that would make Fleetari work daily, and disappear (get teleported to the rally registration stand) during the rally hours, making the shop empty, even though you could order repair work.

No parking signs on the left side of the garage door at the repair shop.

  • There are no parking signs on the walls of the inspection office & the repair shop.
    • These signs warn you from the garage doors, as they will be shut when the business gets closed down.
    • The latter sign reads "Automaattiovi, älä pysäköi oviaukkoon" which means "Automatic door, do not park in the doorway".

      Note on the doors informing about hours of working.