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The logging Gifu was a drivable logging truck with a trailer present in older builds of the game. It was unable to be found on the map, instead it was spawned at the house by typing the command "sisu" and later "gifu" into the console. The logging Gifu was eventually replaced with the sewage-pumping Gifu which is still present in the game today.


The finalized version of the logging Gifu was almost completely identical to the earliest version of the sewage-pumping Gifu, the only difference being the load it carried. The logging Gifu carried a large load of logs and towed an equally large trailer. It featured the same 14L turbocharged diesel and 12 speed gearbox as the sewage Gifu, producing 405 HP and lots of smoke.


The truck first appeared in May 2015 as a very basic, unfinished template for later versions. The cab was based on a Ford W9000 and its load consisted of only white boxes, both of which were only placeholders. As development progressed, the truck's cab and chassis were changed to resemble that of a Sisu M-series. The white boxes were replaced with logs and several other details were added. Originally, it had a blue cab and red chassis, that was later changed to a red cab and gray chassis. The finalized version of the logging Gifu was given dirty textures and a striped paintjob, identical to those of the sewage Gifu.

The logging Gifu was succeeded by the modern sewage-pumping Gifu on October 11, 2016. An AI traffic variant of the logging Gifu was also present in the game, which managed to live on until 2017. The traffic variant was similar to the drivable one, though it had rusty wheels and no trailer.


  • In earlier versions, an additional gear stick was present in the footwell because the main one wasn't functional yet.
  • The interior would not collide with items, so unfortunately, you couldn't down an entire case of beer while "speeding" down the highway in this.
  • It carried a total of 140 combined logs, 70 on the truck and 70 on the trailer.