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Building is visible over the wall of trees.

There is a grain storage, processing, and possibly brewing plant in the northernmost part of the game map. On its side the building has the same H-group logo as Teimo's store, meaning Teimo's is part of a grocery store chain run by the same company as the plant. Under the logo there is the word "maatalous", which means agriculture in Finnish. The building consists of an office space, garages, grain silos, and a processing/brewing area.


The plant is located off of the main road. It is the northernmost object on the map. To get to it, take the main road past the turn-off for Peräjärvi and keep heading north. It is located halfway between Peräjärvi and Loppe. Not much is known about the building as there is no interior.


  • The company logo on the side of the building (as well as Teimo's store) is based on the logo of the Finnish trading company Tuko Oy, which had a subsidiary called Tuko-Maatalous specialised in agricultural trade.