Grill charcoal bags are items which can be used to fill up the ball grill in order to grill meat or brew coffee. They can be bought from Teimo's Shop for 18.5 mk per bag. One charcoal bag holds 14 litres of charcoal; this is enough to fill the ball grill as it can only hold 10 litres of charcoal.

Around 1.2 litres of charcoal are used to create embers in the ball grill; this takes exactly two minutes. The charcoal level of the grill decreases at a linear rate of 0.24 litres per minute after the embers are created; this means that one bag is enough to keep the ball grill going for 36 minutes and 40 seconds if it is also used to start the fire, or 41 minutes and 40 seconds if the fire has already extinguished itself.