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This article is about blue Hayosiko. For the yellow one that used to roam the highway, see Hayosiko (highway).

The interior of the Hayosiko.

A blue 1980 Hayosiko Pace commercial van may be acquired by the player for various uses in-game.


Modeled after a 2nd generation Toyota Hiace, the Hayosiko is a blue and weathered full-sized van, with rusting bodywork, large releases of diesel fumes and very soft suspension from years of wear. The production of the second generation van started in 1977 and ended in 1982 and the 2.4-liter diesel engine was introduced and in 1979.

Rear-view of Hayosiko. Its trunk can hold 100 beer cases.

In addition to a functional driver's cabin with working front doors on both sides and seating for two, the van features a large cargo compartment in the rear accessible through a rear hatchback door and a sliding door on the driver's side. The van's rear compartment makes it ideal for transporting car parts, large boxes, furniture or any other large shipments. These traits make the van a very cost-effective alternative to the Satsuma, and may even double as an improvised camper van when the movable sofa is fitted into the rear compartment of the van.

The Hayosiko belongs to Uncle Kesseli, who seemingly uses or used the van for contractual carpentry work at one point of its existence. For that reason, the van bears a caricature of a carpenter and the name and telephone number of that business (Kesselin Urakointi Ky, Peräjärvi, Puh. 08 561 18) on both sides of the van.


Hayosiko's undercarriage

Prior to the 09.05.2019 update, the Hayosiko would normally spawn beside the driveway of the player's home in Kesselinperä upon starting a new game, and until the introduction of the Jonnez ES, was the only permanent working mode of transport immediately available by the house (The Gifu truck before the 09.05.2019 update and Kekmet tractor could also be acquired early, but are a walking distant away at the woodshed). The player's parents impart through their refrigerator note that the player can borrow Uncle Kesseli's van to run errands.

Following the 9 May 2019 update, the van can only be acquired by directly contacting Uncle Kesseli at his home, which neighbors the player's house. After a period of time after starting a new game, the van will begin to periodically spawn and despawn at Kesseli's compound (visible from the living room or kitchen of the player's home). While the van is parked there, the player must knock on the door of Kesseli's house until he opens the door, speaks to the player, and lends the player the keys to the van. Once the van is loaned to the player, it will only be available temporarily. If the player goes to sleep or walks a considerable distance from the van, the van will despawn, presumably taken away by Kesseli. When the van 'despawns', it can be found behind a wall of trees west of the Airfield. If the player takes it via mods or exploits, when 'uncletimer' runs out, the van will be teleported to uncle's house, along with the player and anything inside it, most likely resulting in death. The player can commandeer the van again without interacting with Kesseli once it respawns by his house.

Later in the game, while casually sitting outside his house, Uncle Kesseli will indicate to the player in a conversation that his driver's license was revoked due to him speeding, losing his ability to drive the van. He does not indicate where the van is, but it can be found by a vacant store adjoining the Lindell inspection shop and taken as the player's permanent vehicle.


To start a diesel engine when it is cold, click (don't hold) on the ignition and allow time for the glow plugs to heat up. While this is happening, a red "coil" light will light up on the dashboard. Wait for a few seconds, or until the light goes out, then hold the mouse button to crank the engine. This is not strictly necessary as the glow plugs will get heated by trying to start the engine, but it will take just as much time as simply waiting. Once the van has run a glow plug cycle, it will not have to run another one until the game is exited; the engine will always be "warm" and the engine can be cranked immediately without waiting. Make sure the handbrake is fully off before putting the van into the first gear to start driving.

Driving notes[]

  • It takes forty seconds for the van to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph).
  • The speedometer has a red/orange zone which starts from the 100 km/h mark and goes to the end of the speed indication. This is probably to advise against exceeding a speed of 100 km/h, even though the it is illegal to drive the van faster than 80 km/h.
  • The van will violently wobble when going over 110-140 km/h (if the van is carrying a heavy load, it will begin to shake at lower speeds), which may cause instability issues while driving.
  • It is really easy to flip it since it's top-heavy; even a small bump can flip it upside down. However, pushing the flipped van whilst leaning into it can get it upright quite easily.
  • Due to its soft suspension, going off-road will cause it to bounce a lot, which may result in death.
  • In high-speed collisions, the front windshield of the van can shatter and detach. The broken windshield can be grabbed and tossed aside to clear the view and will be restored whenever the game is loaded. Because the windshield is a protective component of the van, driving without the windshield carries the risk of the player being hit by a stray bumblebee causing temporary blindness, though wearing the helmet will stop this, driving at speeds over 70 km/h without it or the windshield is ill-advised.
  • The van does not have ABS (anti-lock braking system), so heavy braking will cause the front wheels to lock and become temporarily unresponsive to steering input for a split second. Stop braking to allow the wheels to unlock in order to regain control over the steering again, and keep in mind to brake before corners, not during one.
  • When driving on the highway, make sure not to exceed 80 km/h. The van has a sticker on the rear door that indicates that the van's speed limit on the highway is 80 km/h, rather than the 100 km/h that is the normal speed limit. This means you will be fined if you are caught by the police if exceeding 80 km/h.
  • Wear your seatbelt, it can prevent you from dying after crashing into a tree, crashing into Pena or rolling over. The seatbelt is required to be worn on the highway to prevent getting fined.
  • Due to money-shifting not being an issue in this vehicle, shifting to 4th gear whilst on the dirt roads will keep the revs low, and limit wheelspin, thus allowing for a more easy ride offroad. However, you may still have to worry with the nuisance that is the Hayosiko's soft suspension.
  • The van has broken interior collision, and if flipped on its side, can easily be put back on its wheels by grabbing a beer case and shoving it inside of the middle-seat.
    • It can also be used to push around the van while its on all four wheels.


The Hayosiko's fuel hatch can be found on the right side of the van to the rear, which can be opened with LMB, revealing a cap that can be unscrewed with mouse scrolling.

Like other drivable diesel engine vehicles, the van accepts both diesel and fuel oil, but having a tank containing any quantity of fuel oil, even when mixed with diesel, will put the player at risk of being ticketed at a police checkpoint due to a violation of fuel tax laws. Since the 9 May 2019 update, returning the van to Uncle Kesseli while its tank contains fuel oil will also result in the uncle receiving a hefty fine, prompting him to sell the Gifu and permanently disabling player access to the truck.


  • The name "Hayosiko" is a reference to a Finnish joke about fictional Japanese names, where there's a car mechanic named "Hajosiko Toyotasi" which translates to "did your Toyota break down?"
  • Hayosiko's plate is EOA-117, which is nearly the same as the plate on Erkki's HiAce from Metsolat. The same number plate was featured on the Ferndale.
  • The sofa fits nicely into the back of the van, meaning you can keep it in there to have a camper van. It also doesn't block you from placing other cargo in the back, as there is quite much space left on top of the sofa.
  • The Hayosiko has no tachometer, similar to the Ruscko.
  • After Uncle Kesseli loses his drivers' license, the van will be teleported to the abandoned stores in the same orientation and with the same fuel level as it was previously at.
  • It can rev up to 6300 RPM with its remaining torque, while on neutral or with clutch depressed. Since it doesn't have tachometer, Topless might have overlooked it.
  • The Hayosiko's sliding cargo door is located on the driver side rather than the passenger side, which is unusual. In most vans with single sliding doors, including the Toyota Hiace that the Hayosiko is based off of, the cargo door is on the passenger side so that it faces the curb when the vehicle is parked. Furthermore, its ignition is on the left side of the steering column, rather than on the right like most left-hand-drive vehicles. As such, it is possible that the van was originally a right-hand drive model sold in Japan, and was at some point converted to left-hand drive by a later owner.
  • Repeatedly releasing and letting off the handbrake can help get the van out of ditches or slopes.
  • The van has already been driven for 200,000 km when the player gets to drive it for the first time.

Patch notes[]

Update Changes
30 December
• Added the Hayosiko
23 April
• Added a radio
8 May
• Added a working instrument panel
• Added the parking brake
5 January
• The van can now be refueled from the diesel pump
• Engine sounds changed
• Shifting delay decreased
16 January
• Adjusted center of gravity
• Changed the function of the rear door
• Fixed door glitch
27 February
• Added interior textures
8 August
• Fixed glow plug issue where the game did not remember heated plugs
30 October
• Starter help added for players who use auto-clutch
8 November
• Made door usage easier
29 May
• Made changes to "starter helper" to prevent the van from exploding at certain situations
31 July
Cops now enforce 80 km/h speed limit for the van
24 October
• Added odometer
5 December
• Added seat belts
23 February
• Adjusted wheel rotation inertia
9 May
• Keys are in Uncle Kesseli's hands, talk to him to obtain them