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This article is about the yellow Hayosiko on the highway. For the blue one, see Hayosiko.

Driver of the car

The yellow Hayosiko was a non-driveable vehicle based on the 2nd generation Toyota HiAce which could be seen driving on the highway. The van's model was identical in design to the van the player may drive, but was colored yellow and was unmarked with no liveries of any kind.

As with most other vehicles on the highway, the Hayosiko used to spawn when the player entered the highway for the first time during a game session. However, it was removed in the 12 August 2021 update and replaced with the Hayosiko Lamore.


  • The name "Hayosiko" is a reference to a Finnish joke about fictional Japanese names, where there's a car mechanic named "Hajosiko Toyotasi" which translates to "did your Toyota break down?"
  • The Hayosiko was one of the 3 vehicles that both the player and AI were able to drive, the other vehicles being the Gifu and Roaming Boat
  • In an experimental update it received a license plate, SWK-776.
  • It was removed and replaced with two Lamores in the 12.08.2021 update.
  • The previous plate-less version of the Hayosiko.

    The original color of the Highway Hayosiko was green, but it was changed to the yellow it is now in build 180 - 181.
  • It had no gauges on the dashboard and no pedals.