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A job to help Jouko move to his new house will become available after 2 hours and 46 minutes once he has been driven home from the pub for the fifth time, which will be the time when he talks about suitcase. He will call the player's phone, saying that his wife left him (probably to be with that damn finn-swede tomato farmer) and he has bought a new house, and that he needs help moving all of his furniture. After the call, the job can be done at any moment - Jouko will wait the player day and night at the same spot with all his furnitures nearby.


The tractor and trailer being used to move the furniture, the van towed behind the trailer is completely filled.

The job itself is very easy, but it requires a minimum of two round trips from Loppe to Peräjärvi. There are a total of 28 items that must be moved to Jokke's new house, which can be done in three trips if the cabin of the van is utilised; the tractor with the flatbed attached can be used to make it in two trips (Tractor and trailer to pick up all the furnitures, van to pick up Jouko).

Using the van to tow the tractor with the flatbed or the other way around (tow the van with the tractor and trailer attached) will not work. Therefore, a minimum of two trips are required to finish the job. It is advised to drive on the side of the highway if the tractor is used to move the furniture as the slopes along the asphalt road are not as aggressive. Also, don't stack the furniture too high on the flatbed because they can fly out. It will take some time to reach Jouko's new apartment if you are using the tractor. Therefore, it is recommended to leave a case of beer and some sausages in the tractor.

Before trying to bring anything inside his new and improved home, make sure to bring the occupant there with you! Drive up to Jouko with any car you can drive him in (the smartest move would be the Hayosiko). He will get in and say:

"Funny thing, I was lifting a TV set and somehow my back snapped… I guess you could carry all this?"

His new apartment is located by the beach, next to the sportsfield, in the Apartment block. When driving up to it, he will get out of the car and unlock the door for you. You can then haul everything inside. The furniture does not have to be organised inside the house in any way, just throwing it all in is enough. The front door will likely become locked if the game is saved between hauls, this can be worked around by clipping the items through the walls of the house.

Once everything has been taken inside, Jouko will hand the player 4,000-6,000 mk for their help, saying

"Thank you so much! Hey if you still have that kilju I am always buying for more!".

After the job is done and you have saved and reloaded the game, you will be able to continue selling Kilju to Jouko but he won't call you any more to drive him home since he now lives close to the pub.

Interior design[]

Chairs marked with red rectangle will disappear after finishing the job.

If you don't want to just pile all the furnitures in one room and want to design an interior for Jouko, here are some things to consider:

  • Once the last item has been moved into the house, all items become non-interactive.
  • After finishing moving items and reloading game, some items will disappear:
    • All boxes
    • All mattresses
    • Two of four wooden chairs (internally numbered 03 and 04)
    • Plastic chair (moved outside)
    • Plastic table (moved outside)
  • You can't make items "float" in the air by stacking disappearing items underneath - when they disappear, above items will fall down and remain there.
  • When carrying last of the items into the house, there is a chance that Jouko considers the job done before you've placed it. This way you can place this item anywhere you want, even outside the house. It will become non-interactive as soon as you release it and it touches the ground.
  • Living room will be trashed after the party, so all your efforts in designing it will go to waste.


Here is a list of all of the furniture/items that must be transported.

Arm chair 2 Benches 11 Boxes
Arm chair.png Bench.png Box.png
Coffee table Desk Dining table
Table (coffee).png Desk.png Table (dining).png
2 Mattresses Nightstand Plastic chair
Mattress.png Table (nightstand).png Chair (plastic).png
Plastic table TV TV stand
Table (plastic).png TV (furniture).png Table (TV).png
4 Wooden chairs
Chair (wooden).png