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This article is about the 2018 present. For other years presents, see Present.

The holiday present is an item which could first be found in front of the fireplace in the player's house during Christmas 2018, but later could be found in the parents' room. The present can be opened by looking at it and pressing F. "Ajele varovasti!", "Drive safely!", and the player's name are written on the card on top of the present.


Much like the 2016 Xmas present, the holiday present contains a bottle of brännvin and an envelope with money. A radar buster and a floppy disk for the Joulupukin Joulustressi game that can be played on the Mikropekka computer are also included inside the present.

Holiday present contents

The contents of the present.

Radar buster[]

Main article: Radar buster

The radar buster is a Satsuma car part that will alert the player of a nearby radar gun by starting to blink and beep as soon as one is detected, giving them enough time to slow down before passing it.

Joulupukin Joulustressi[]

Main article: Joulupukin Joulustressi

Joulupukin Joulustressi (Santa Claus' Christmas-stress), or simply Joulu on the cover, is a casual Christmas game that can be played on the Mikropekka computer at home. The goal of the game is to help Santa gather all of the presents in four different levels while avoiding hitting the walls.


  • In 2018, the present could be found inside the unused room inside the parents bedroom (Closet?).
  • Since 2019, this item is removed from the game, replaced by the 2019 Christmas present.