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This article is about Player's home. For other ones, see Houses.

The player's home (Fin.png: koti) is located in the Kesselinperä area. The home address is Kesselinperäntie 3 and the postal code is 62362 Alivieska. The postal code isn't valid, but it points to somewhere in South Ostrobothnia.


The living room inside of the house.

The following things can be found in the player's home:

House fires[]

A raging house fire.

House fires can render certain parts of the house completely unusable. There is no in-game way to repair destroyed rooms. Standing in the fire for too long will cause the player to die.

Fire extinguishers can be used to extinguish house fires. If the player responds quickly it may be possible to save the room in which the fire started, otherwise the player will have to work to contain the spreading fire. Several fire extinguishers may be required to put out a big house fire.

There is a smoke detector in the main hallway that will alert the player of an appliance that is smoking and about to cause a fire. This gives the player about 30 seconds to turn off the appliance before a fire starts. There is no smoke warning for a fireplace fire, cigarette fire, fireworks fire, or explosive gas fire.

There are several ways to start a house fire:

  • Leaving the sauna on for too long
  • Leaving the TV on for too long
  • Using the fireplace (has a very small chance)
  • Leaving the computer on for too long
  • Leaving the stove on for too long
  • Falling asleep while smoking a cigarette
  • Detonating fireworks indoors
  • Blowing up the gasoline or the diesel canister using the fireplace or the sauna
  • Lightning strikes the house directly (extremely low chance)
  • Using the Garbage barrel or the Grill inside the House

The only way to repair destroyed rooms is to use a third-party program, like MSCeditor.


  • On a shelf in the living room there is a small wooden train. This is a reference to the second line in the song Routainen maa, the "death song" that is played when the player dies. The line in question is "Isä poltti puisen veturin," which translates to "Dad burned the wooden locomotive."
  • If you find yourself on the roof for some reason, be wary of the chimney. If you jump in, you will not be able to get out on your own.
  • A house fire will not extinguish itself — rather, it will keep on burning until the player saves the game or the player extinguishes it.
  • In older build versions of the game, Kesselinperä didn't exist. The player's home was actually where the house with the septic tank, near the turnoff to the highway is at.
  • There used to be two (somewhat large) trees outside of the player's bedroom window, however they were removed before the game's release.
  • In earlier game versions, a ghost bug was closing/opening doors in houses. Although it is now confirmed by ToplessGun [1] to be a bug, some people still believe it was intentionally Paranormal activity.
  • If the player begins urinating anywhere in the house except for the shower, sauna, laundry room, garage, or the toilet, puddles of urine will form on the floor. Currently there is no way to get rid of the puddles, but if you want to prevent it from happening, make sure you only urinate in the designated safe spots (toilet, sauna, shower & garage), or outside the house at the yard.
  • The compost is on the x: 0, z: 0 coordinate, which means that it is the center of the whole world in MSC.


Specific (but unknown) inputs can start a house fire while the player is not at home, as well as random door openings. These bugs have been confirmed by Toplessgun himself.[2]


  1. Toplessgun - 29 December 2016: "LOL, there are no ghosts. The doors are bugging because unfinished door optimization change that slipped in to this latest update. And to address a more serious issue: there are no jump scares in this game, I hate those."
  2. Nov 19,2018 @4:15pm - - - Toplessgun: "There is something funny how the unexplained fire always seems to start when not at home. There is nothing in the game that would cause fire only because the player is not home. Direct lightning strike can cause an "unexplained" fire but if there is no thunder in the area that is out of question as well..."