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The chair and the table with the radio on it in the cell.

The player can go to jail (Fin.png: vankila) if they don't pay their outstanding fines (including fines for environmental crimes caused by dumping sludge from the tank of the Gifu), fail to stop at a traffic stop, fatally run over someone or kill a driver by crashing into a car.

The jail cell is a single room with a bunk bed, chair, table, toilet bowl, radio and a TV. The jail serves as a soft game-over as longer sentences could potentially be tons of real-time hours long. The player will eventually be released from jail once their sentence is over, spawning at the bus stop in front of Teimo's shop.

There is no way to access the jail realistically due to there being no road or outside connections to it. The player cannot leave the jail at any time until their sentence is over, as previously mentioned. Even if they do escape the cell through the use of mods or any other exploit, the cops will still be waiting for the player at their house and Teimo's shop to take them back.

There are various sounds in the jail, which resembles people talking and sounds of movement, suggesting that the player is housed at a larger-sized jail.

The player will receive a food tray twice a day every day at 12:00 and 18:00. The tray contains pea soup, salad, bread, milk, and cigarettes. It is also possible to drink from the toilet bowl. The player won't receive the food tray if they are asleep.

Jail sentences[]

  • Evasion: failure to stop for a police officer is a 3-day sentence for each evasion attempt.
  • Traffic fatality: colliding with another vehicle so that its driver dies is a 5-day sentence for each casualty.
  • Attempted manslaughter: punching an NPC unconscious with your fists results in a 2-day sentence. Exception applies to the drunk fighter, who will not press charges against you when beaten.
  • Manslaughter: running over someone so he dies is a 10-day sentence for each casualty.
  • Unpaid fine: failing to pay fines results in a sentence with a length based on the day fine quantity (instead of the total sum) of all fines combined.
  • All crimes are combined when calculating the final length of a sentence.


  • If the fine on the kitchen table does not show the icon to pay it, this means that the police are about to appear at the player's house to arrest him.
  • Dying in the jail with permadeath turned off will make the player character respawn back in jail.
  • Sleeping in jail counts towards imprisonment time but saving and then reloading (which also advances time) doesn’t. So you can't abuse save/reload to shorten your time in jail.
  • You can drink from the jail's toilet the same way as from other water sources - by leaning into it.
  • Ironically, Stress is decreased while in jail.


  • A four-day sentence is over after about two hours of playing time.
  • The physical location for the jail is behind a treewall south of the airfield, though it is only visible when serving time.
  • Experimental branch
    After a few days in jail, the player will start tattooing his hands with some drawings.
  • Lorewise, the jail might be placed far away from Peräjärvi, presumably somewhere else in Alivieska, considering the jail's implied large size and the fact it's so far from Peräjärvi the player has to be brought back to the urban area by bus.
  • You can escape jail by taking the rear seat or sofa with you, and then putting it outside the cell to sleep there.
  • You can get arrested if somebody near you kills somebody.

The outside of the jail.

Tattoos on player's hand