This article is about the man who buys kilju. For the man who hangs out at the pub, see Simppa & Jokke.
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Drunk guy's house

Jokke's drop-off point.

Jokke (or the drunk guy) is the person that may call the player at night (02:00) to take him from the pub and drive him to his home. He will pay the player between 100 to 700 mk at the goal. His house is located at the eastern side of the map. It is possible to pick him up with the Satsuma, Hayosiko and Ferndale.

The man can be knocked down if the player walks into him, and his limbs (legs, torso, arms, thighs, hands, etc.) can be moved by clicking and dragging, just like Jani, Petteri, or Pena when killed.


Jokke also buys kilju from the player at various rates depending on the quality of the stuff, the highest sum for a single canister being 170 mk. As it takes a few days for the fermentation process to happen, and one full batch being enough to fill 20 juice canisters, the most cash that can be made off him in one go is 3,400 mk.

Exploiting him by selling kilju bottles filled with water after giving him one bottle filled with good kilju will result in him calling the player, saying that he knows he's been swindled. This will cause Jokke to slash the Satsuma's tyres, which then need to be replaced.

New houseEdit

After Jokke has been taken home five times and at least 3 hours and 45 minutes of real time has passed, he will call the player, requesting help with moving his furniture to his new house in Peräjärvi. Once all of his furniture has been moved, Jokke will hand out a sizeable sum of money, and kilju can be sold to him once more.

The suitcaseEdit

After giving him a ride home a few times, Jokke reveals that he is in fact a millionaire and has hidden a suitcase filled with cash somewhere near the lake.

Finding and keeping the suitcase will cause Jokke to try to murder the player in their sleep with an ax. He can be neutralised by punching him or running him over with the Satsuma, Hayosiko, or the Gifu. Sleeping in a place other than the bed at the player's house will also prevent him from attacking.


After Jokke has attempted to murder the player, he will vanish. While trying to find out what happened to him, the player might come across a note pinned to the door of his old house with an ax; it is a note saying that it was his fault, he lost it all, and that everyone will have it easier now. His fate can be revealed by driving over to the concrete bridge by the river.


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  • "Good evening! Thank you for coming!"
  • "Here is a small compensation of your troubles."
  • "My wife is going to move to Vaasa and get herself a finnswede man. Those are so clean and sober! 30 years of marriage down the drain."
  • "One of these days I will run to the rail tracks and shout: Blow that whistle and run over me, sucker!"

Phone quotes:

  • "I tried to call everybody. Please can you pick me up from the Pub and drive me home?"
  • "You have sold me shit, you little bastard! Smell pussy!"

Kilju quotes:

"Let's see how good sugar wine this is..."
"Very good sugar wine! I love this, strong as hell! I pay good for this."
"This tastes like water and piss, I want alcohol, not this mess..."

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