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The Jonnez is a 1984 model, assumed from the yellow coloring.

The 1984 Jonnez ES is a moped/minibike modelled after the Suzuki PV 50. It has a top speed of 90 km/h and has four gears. The real Suzuki PV 50 is equipped with a 50cc engine, but the Jonnez ES is tuned so it has an 80cc engine, aftermarket air filter (possibly 17,5mm or bigger carb. because of 80cc) and aftermarket exhaust. It runs off two-stroke fuel, which can be bought at Teimo's shop. The Jonnez is equipped with a small rack on the rear which can support one item up to 30kg in weight, including shopping bags. Heavier items will affect the performance and handling of the bike so keep this in mind.

The name comes from the Finnish term "mopojonne", which means a teenager who drives a moped and drinks energy drinks, with the Euro Shopper energy drink, or "ES" for short, being one of the most popular. It is the first vehicle in the game that can be picked up by the player. It can be very useful to put it in another vehicle, and if something happens with it (running out of fuel, the car breaks down, etc.), the bike can be used to get to where the player needs to go.

The Jonnez is a very versatile vehicle, useful for completing small shopping runs and errands (especially on Saturdays and Sundays when the rally is running). The rack on the back is perfect for shopping bags and/or bottles of oil etc. An alternative use of the Jonnez is to leave it at the Church graveyard so the player can quickly get home or to their wrecked car if the player is killed without having to rely on the bus or a lift from Pena.

The moped's texture can be changed by editing the "jonnez_template.png" file in the "*/My Summer Car/Images" folder, then saving it as "jonnez.png".

Starting and operating[]

Jonnez fuel tap

Upon starting a new game, the Jonnez ES is fueled by default. The bike has to be stood up to be able to drive it, the kickstand will help with this. If the bike has fallen, approach it from the seat side of the bike and the player will bend down and place it vertically. Get on the bike by walking up behind it and pressing the enter driving mode key ( by default.) On the left of the bike will be the fuel tap.

There are three settings for the fuel tap: closed, open and reserve. If you look at the bike from the left-hand side and imagine a clock face then 6 o'clock is open, 9 o'clock is closed and 12 o'clock is a reserve. Left click rotates tap clockwise, right click - counterclockwise. The final reserve position is only for emergencies when the player has completely run out of 2-stroke fuel and must get to the shop to buy more. In the ON position, the moped will leave one liter of fuel in to the tank, switch to RES (reserve) to use the final liter of the tank, this is for emergencies and when running on RES, get to the shop quickly to buy more fuel, this feature stops you from running from fuel suddenly.

Once the fuel tap has been opened, the player should hold the throttle key (W by default) and look down toward the kick-starter and (using left mouse button) click when the on-screen text appears. If the bike has not been started for a while or the player has saved, the kick-starter will take up to 5 or 6 kicks to get it going. If the bike stalls, restarting it usually only takes one kick. When changing to first gear, the player should still be holding the throttle key as changing to first gear while stationary and without holding the throttle will stall the bike.

After that, it can be driven almost like a normal car. Press L or the button on the left handlebar to turn on the lights. Like most mopeds or scooters, the higher the RPM, the brighter the headlights are. To turn the engine off, there is a kill switch on the right handlebar. It is recommended to turn off the fuel tap when the engine is off, otherwise, the fuel tank will slowly drain.

Before driving the bike out from the player's private road, they should fetch the Helmet from the player's bedroom and wear it. Be warned it will limit visibility so only a 'professional moped driver' should drive out onto the Highway. The helmet isn't just for safety, the policemen at any police checkpoint will stop the player and fine them for not wearing a helmet.


The Jonnez ES handles very well, taking jumps and landing flawlessly, and turning very well. When braking and turning, the bike tends to flip on its side and slide towards the direction the player was trying to turn. Because of this, take sharp turns with caution. Alongside that, when taking off, traction can be poor from the first gear being the most powerful gear. Try to take off in a somewhat straight line while in first gear.

Driving notes[]

Carrying Jonnez with items on it's rack

  • The bike cannot keep idling when stopped and in gear. When planning on coming to a stop, feather the throttle to keep the engine running. If you want to park the bike and leave it idling for a fast takeoff, switch to neutral before stopping. The engine can keep itself going then.
  • Shifting down at high speeds even with the clutch depressed will cause the moped to slow down drastically, turn to the side, and fall over. This can be very dangerous when braking on the highway and can be avoided by slowing down considerably before downshifting.
  • The fuel tap position is saved between closing and opening the game, so leaving the tap open will drain the fuel even after reloading.
  • Jonnez rack is "sticky" - when placed, items will hold on to it like being tied with ropes. Though crashing or turning too violently may cause items to detach and fall off. The nice thing is that items placed on the rack remain attached to it even when you pick up Jonnez itself - this way Jonnez can be used as improvised movable container.
  • Driving at speeds above 71kmh without the Helmet allows for bumblebees to hit the player and kill him.


  • Although only serving as a humorous reference, the name "Jonnez ES" could be considered an anachronism, as Euro Shopper itself wasn't founded until 1996, a year after the events of My Summer Car, and the term "jonne" (in context of energy drink consuming teens) not being used until much later.
  • The bike is powered by a Magneto which in the PV is the power source for the ignition and lights, it's a metallic rim (which also acts as the flywheel) in the inner section there are magnets attached into it, under the magneto (rotor) are two coils (stator). The rotor is spun by the crankshaft directly. Pre 1996, mopeds had a weight limit of 60kg. Which meant some unnecessary parts had to be removed at Solifer moped plant, in order to make it weigh less than 60 kilograms. Cut parts were: 5th gear, 2-stroke oil reservoir, battery, indicators, 12 volt to 6 volt conversion, and some other minor parts. The PV was imported to finland between 1981 to 2000 by Solifer. 1998 models had 12 volt electric system (Later a battery) and separate oil reservoir (no need to pour oil into the fuel tank). Magneto explains front light brightness change on different RPM's the real-life that effect is not even close as strong.
  • Year model 1984
  • The rear gear has the same texture as the camshaft gear. Only no teeth.
  • Once the moped seat had a black seat and now it has a red seat.
  • Although importation of the PV50 ended in the year 2000, the PV is still a really famous mean of transportation for the young.

Patch notes[]

Update Changes
17 April
• Added the moped
29 May
• Made a fix for the moped scaling problem
• Made changes to "starter helper" to prevent the moped from exploding at certain situations
• Attempted to fix an infamous issue with the moped vanishing in thin air
30 April
• The moped can be now re-textured with the template found inside the /Images folder
• Fixed an issue with the moped bouncing up and down when making sharp turns
20 August
• Added rack to Moped that can hold one or more objects (max 30 kg)
23 December
• Added Kickstand to Moped