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Jouko's new house is a location where Jouko will move after he has been given a ride home five times. The house can be entered when moving furniture there from his old place, and while the party is taking place. A working shower and faucet can be found inside the house. It is also close to Teimo's shop, and somewhat closer to the landfill site, making selling kilju to him slightly easier. There are also 2 diskettes inside the house that contain the games Rapula and Massacre.


A "party" will take place inside the house randomly on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, featuring Simppa & Jokke from Pub Nappo along with Jouko. Three 96% of spirit bottles can be found inside while the party is going on, and are used to unlock the "Methanol Man" achievement. There are also beer cases which the player can drink from.


The "party" at the house, featuring Simppa, Jokke, and Jouko (Jouko can be found in the bathroom).


  • Furniture will stay in the same place to the end of game, depending on how you set it, however the furniture may be moved slightly from Simppa and Jokke or the beer cases.
  • Furniture in the living room will be trashed after the party with spirt bottles or beer bottles, they will despawn once saving and reloading the game.
  • If the house has been burnt down, or you want to live close to the shop, then it is possible to live in Jouko's apartment, however the player can't enter while the party is not taking place.