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Kari Lätänen[1], the bus driver, is a non-playable character that drives the bus from Peräjärvi to all highway stops. He is a short-haired man with glasses, a mustache and wears a blue bus driver uniform consisting of a blue jacket, hat and jeans. He drives the bus regardless of the time of day, and cannot be killed.

There are rules to follow when on the bus, and Kari will enforce them vocally. He will get angry at the player if he drinks beer, smoke, spam the stop button or show him the finger. Making him too angry will end up with you being forced to leave the bus, as he will not continue the drive with a rebelling maniac like you.

Kari is a nervous driver, he is constantly checking his side mirrors for any possible threats on the road, as he doesn't want to make any mistakes and will be ashamed of himself if he does. For example, if he gets veered off the road or gets stuck somewhere along the way, he will start swearing a lot. Kari also does not like overtakers, deeming them as "crazy apes".


  • When the player is inside the bus, he would usually drive slowly. But when only Lätänen himself is on the bus, he will drive at a high speed like a madman

    This is how Kari used to look like before he got his new outfit.

    and could possibly ram other vehicles without slowing down. For example, he doesn't have a problem pushing away Jasu and Petteri when they're hanging out in front of Teimo's store.
  • Kari Lätänen got voice lines in the 23.12.2019 update.
  • He always checks the center mirror to see what the player does inside the bus.
  • Kari Lätänen used to wear a different outfit, he wore a flower patterned shirt and pyjama like pants. However he got his white shirt, tie, and blue jeans in an unknown 2019 update.
  • If the bus gets stuck Kari will leave it, walks in a random direction while swearing and he can then be knocked out.