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This article is about drive-able tractor. For abandoned Kekmet near Fleetari Repair Shop, see Kekmet (abandoned).

The 1975 Kekmet is a tractor owned by the player. It can be found inside the woodshed by the player's house. Its main use is to deliver firewood to the firewood guy by using the trailer, but it can be used to tow junk cars, helping Jouko move by utilizing the trailer, (Recommended for expert tractor drivers) using the arms and forks (front lift) to lift the Satsuma into the trailer, using the arms to get easy access to the undercarriage, and a plethora of other things that you can come up with.

The Kekmet is based on a Finnish Valmet 502. The Valmet name comes from Valtion Metallitehtaat (lit. State's metal factories).

The tractor uses fuel oil or diesel fuel. The grey fuel filler cap can be found on the right side in between the operator cabin and forklift arm. The fuel tank can hold up to 65 liters of diesel.

Levers and controls[]

1. Hand throttle 10. Clutch pedal
2. Brake pedals 11. Light switch
3. Accelerator pedal 12. Fuel meter
4. Diff lock 13. Temp meter
5. Gearstick 14. Ignition
6. Range selector 15. RPM/hours meter
7. Front hydraulics 16. No function
8. Rear hydraulics 17. No function
9. Hand brake 18. No function

The Kekmet has several levers in the cabin. Next to the steering wheel on the right, there's the hand throttle (1). The hand throttle is used to manually set a certain level of the throttle, which is convenient for operating the rear hydraulics. Holding the left mouse button opens the throttle (increases engine speed) while the right mouse button closes it.

The diff lock (4) is the pedal to the right under the seat on the floor. When activated, the differential lock forces both rear wheels to rotate at the same speed regardless of differences in traction between them. This causes the wheel with better traction to receive more of the available power (in the form of torque) and apply it to the driving surface. This can be useful for maneuvering across difficult terrain, where one wheel may leave the driving surface, but at the same time, it makes turning slower on level terrain (i.e., on roads).

On the far right side of the seat is the range selector (6) and it has two settings: low and high. The setting can be toggled with the R key by default. Low range gears are used to move in difficult terrain at slow speed (especially uphill) and to get moving from a complete stop, while high range gears are used on easier terrain, like roads, to achieve higher top speed.

Nearer to the right side of the seat is the front hydraulic lever (7). Holding the left mouse button raises the forklift and holding the right mouse button lowers it.

Under the seat to the left is the rear hydraulic lever (8). This lever has three settings that apply (at the moment) only for the trailer: down, neutral and up. The lever is operated by the left and right clicks. The engine must be revved up in order to raise or lower the trailer, either with the accelerator pedal or by using the hand throttle.

The hand brake (9) is the hook-like lever on the left side of the seat near the floor. It functions similarly to the other hand brakes. Holding left click activates the brake and holding right-click releases it.

Abandoned Kekmet is standing outside the Fleetari shop.

Ignition procedure[]

The tractor cannot be idled, attempting to do so will cause the engine to stop. The hand throttle (1) needs to be pulled towards the seat before starting the engine with the ignition button (14). Turning the tractor off is simply a case of pushing the hand throttle away from the seat until idle slows and the engine shuts off.


Kekmet's license plate

  • Driving the tractor to Teimo's shop will unlock the "True Hillbilly" achievement.
  • The Kekmet borrows the headlights from the Satsuma.
  • In old test versions, such as Build 165, the tractor had resized Hayosiko wheels.
  • When the tractor was first introduced, it had a front loader, however later it was moved to the back. It was removed when the flatbed trailer was added, but the front loader was readded right before the Early Access release.
  • The front loader is based on a Solid 2100 front loader.
  • Unlike the other vehicles, the Kekmet's plate is colored yellow (agricultural plate) and reads 162-RW.
  • The temperature gauge is broken.
  • Kekmet's year model is 1975.
  • Kekmet is a portmanteau of Kekkonen and Valmet.
  • Turning the throttle lever back is the only way to turn the engine off. Turning the ignition off or stalling it on first gear is useless, making it a strong vehicle.
  • The Kekmet is the only vehicle in the game that the player can operate which is capable of towing a trailer.
  • The Kekmet is quite possibly the second vehicle ever to be added to the game, right after the Hayosiko and behind the Satsuma.

Patch notes[]

Update Changes
24 September
• First test version of the tractor added
28 September
• Added anti-stall transmission
• Refined controls
• F5 and F6 to reset the tractor into upright position
26 October
• Hydraulics can be operated only from inside
18 November
• Fixed driver position and respawn issues
• Added opening doors
8 May
• Hydraulics moved to the rear of the tractor
22 December
• Added controls and functions
5 January
• Changes in hand throttle, parking brake, and drivetrain
• Added a trailer for the tractor
• The tractor can be now refueled from the diesel pump
• Engine sounds changed
16 January
• Adjusted center of gravity
• Attempt to fix twerking front axle
• Fixed door glitch
8 August
• Added tachometer and fuel gauge
11 October
• Added front loader
26 October
• Fixed jerky parking brake
• Added driving lights
30 October
• Starter help added for players who use auto-clutch
• Adjusted parking brake
8 November
• Made door usage easier
24 October
• Adjusted tractor weight
• Adjusted tractor physics and performance
• Added work hour meter
18 August
• Improved parking brake system
23 December
• Added interior light to tractor

An old image of the Kekmet taken in June 2014.