Kesselinperä (lit. Kesseli's end) is the name of the area surrounded by the lake Peräjärvi on three sides. Buildings in Kesselinperä consist of two houses, a woodshed, a dock, and a red barn. The dirt road leading to Kesselinperä from Loppentie intersection is about 1.6 km long.

One of the houses is the player's home, where the game begins and where player builds the Satsuma. The older house, owned by the Kesseli family, is probably the player's uncle's home. There are also two mailboxes. The first mailbox is Kesselis and the other mailbox bears the last name entered from the "New Game" screen.

The van and the body of the Satsuma can be found in the front of the player's house. The vacuum truck can be found outside the woodshed. Inside the woodshed is the tractor, tractor trailer and a pile of firewood. The boat is located at the dock in front of the player's house.

The woodshed has an infinite supply of firewood which can be chopped and delivered.