Loppe is a small area with a few houses, two septic tanks, a toilet to save the game, and Fleetari's Repair Shop. It is in the north-east section on the map, and can be accessed from many different paths, such as the dirt road from the player's home, the dirt road from Teimo's Shop, and an exit leading off of the highway.

There are two houses with septic tanks to be pumped periodically, one right across from Fleetari Repair Shop, and one to the right of the repair shop. there is also another house to the right of the house across from Fleetari Repair Shop, which doesn't have a septic well. A mansion with a burned down cowshed can also be found on the other side of the river in Loppe, which is guarded by wasps and the previous owner of the place, though only the wasps can harm the player character. The stock wheels can be found in the attic of the mansion.

When taking the dirt roads from the player's home, be careful of driving into ponds where the car can get stuck. Drive slowly when taking corners on the dirt roads to avoid crashing or getting stuck.