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National Route 70 near Rykipohja.

Scenery from the road - typical for Ostrobothnia region

The main road of Alivieska, national road 70 (Fin.png: Kantatie 70), is the route which serves as the Alivieska highway. It is approximately 13 kilometers long and has six intersections. The road circles the Peräjärvi lake, and doesn't connect to any other major roads, leaving Peräjärvi completely isolated from the rest of Finland. There is a concrete bridge just northwest of Loppe that crosses over the river which leads to the northern lake.

The quickest way to access the highway from Kesselinperä is to drive south on the dirt road and take the first left after crossing the railroad tracks, then taking a right at the dirt crossroads. The other intersections can be seen on the map that hangs on the wall behind the phone at the player's house. It shows whole playable area.


Rykipohja - Peräjärvi intersection.

The highway has six intersections; four leading towards the lake and connecting with the dirt road, and two that lead to nearby facilities. These intersections (in a clockwise order) are located at:

Traffic laws[]

A police checkpoint.

Unlike the dirt roads; the highway has a set of traffic laws which must be followed in order to not get fined by the police. You will be fined if you:

  • Are breaking the speed limit (more than 100 kmh in the Rusko, Satsuma, and Ferndale or 80 with sewage truck and uncle's van or 45 with Jonnez ES)
  • Not wearing a seat belt in a vehicle that has one
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol (4 or less beers will pass)
  • Driving with an uninspected vehicle (the satsuma has to pass inspection, and the Ruscko is illegal to drive on the highway)
  • Using any amount of fuel oil in a vehicle with a diesel engine (you wont be fined in the tractor if you are hauling more than 2 haybales)
  • Driving the moped without a helmet

The player is only being fined for breaking any of these laws in case of getting caught by the police at one of their checkpoints. These checkpoints appear at random times and places on the highway, and require the player to stop their vehicle to take a breathalyzer test.

Failing to stop at a checkpoint will result in getting chased by the police until the player stops and receives a fine from the police car, manages to escape, or gets killed. The player will receive a fine regardless of picking it up from the police or not. It will appear on the kitchen counter at home. Not paying the fine in time will result in the police showing up at the house with an arrest warrant.


A red Victra driving on the highway.

The traffic on the highway is very light, consisting of at most 16 different vehicles, not counting the police cars at checkpoints and a caravan trailer:

All vehicles on the highway spawn at random spawn points, once the player enters the highway for the first time during a game session, the bus is the only exception to this rule; it spawns immediately once the game is loaded. The slight stutter that occurs when approaching the highway, signifies that the vehicles have spawned.


Driving on the highway might seem like a safer option when compared to the winding dirt roads, but in reality it could be much more dangerous. Here are some common dangers of the road, as well as ways to avoid them:

  • Moose – they run across the road at random points along the highway, and are life/car-threateningly hazardous. Can be avoided completely by driving during the day.
  • Police checkpoints – forces the player to follow traffic laws constantly during the day due to their random nature, safer option when compared to the moose, though potentially wallet-lightening.
  • The Techno Victra – may drive clockwise or counter-clockwise on the highway, but cruises fast enough to kill the player by rear-ending them. Driving counter-clockwise or clockwise with the car and stopping on the side of the road when the distinctive thumping becomes audible might be good idea.
  • Ricochet & Svoboda – same as the techno car, they only drive counter-clockwise on the highway. However the Ricochet blasts loud music and the Svoboda revs a loud exhaust which are audible from far away. The EDM 500LX may also apply to this but the car's apperance on the highway happens rarely since he usually crashes on the dirt road.
  • Regular traffic – fast cars always overtake slow cars, and they take their time doing it. The bus and beer lorry, which drive clockwise on the highway, are the most notable examples. Beware of any vehicle coming from opposite direction behind each other. They might start to overtake each other, not minding anyone's safety. They may also crash while overtaking, obstructing the road.
  • Pedestrians – some pedestrians in the game have the tendency to wander on the highway. Hitting them might sound like a fun idea, but they might get stuck to the front of the car or break the windshield, obstructing the view and leads to be killed by a stray bumblebee. Hitting pedestrians also have consequences in going to jail, even when the crash wasn't your fault.
  • Turns and corners - corners are quite dangerous, especially on cars like the Ferndale or a 200km/h tuned Satsuma. While the turning radius of the Ferndale is very poor, the Satsuma will have a problem where it will oversteer and make it go into the ditch or even hit a tree, which leads to parts detached and even death.


  • Currently there is no road 70 in Finland, but it did exist from 1996 to 2010. The road was located in eastern Finland, going from Tohmajärvi to the Russian border. Earlier, from 1938 to the late 1970s the road number 70 was between Joensuu and Varkaus, also in eastern Finland.
  • The developer, ToplessGun, has planned on making a long road that leads off the highway, but has scrapped the idea due to game engine limitations.[1]
  • A logging lorry used to be part of the AI traffic on the highway, but it was removed in the 05.02.2017 update because it caused FPS drops for many players because of how the logs were rendered.
  • In very old test versions of the game, such as Build 160, the highway was just another dirt road. When the asphalt highway was first added in Build 165, it used to be much narrower.
  • A yellow Hayosiko similar to the one the player owns used to be part of the AI traffic, however it was removed in the 12.08.2021 update and replaced with 2 Hayosiko Lamores.