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Peräjärvi map with locations

The map found in the player's home above the telephone table shows the area surrounding lake Peräjärvi (lit. end/bottom/rear lake) in the (fictional) municipality of Alivieska, Finland. The map covers an area of about 4.2 × 3.3 kilometres. The map is from 1989 so it's at least six years old in game. The description "Peräjärven yleiskartta" translates to "General map of Peräjärvi". National route 70, encircling the lake, is the main road of Peräjärvi.

Map markingsEdit

On the map, red lines are paved roads while dark red lines are unpaved roads (dirt roads). Black figures are houses and purple ones are commercial / public buildings. Yellow areas are farm fields and the large brownish area to the east of the lake is marsh. Gray areas are gravel pits and light gray areas are solid rock surfaces. Blank white areas are generally inaccessible forested areas. The black and white line in the southeast corner of the map is a railway.