Moose meat is an item which can be harvested from moose. As with any other food items, moose meat can be eaten by pressing F. The meat must be obtained by chopping up wild moose that can be found running across the dirt and asphalt roads around Peräjärvi; this will require the use of an ax. One moose contains eight pieces of meat.


Grilling one piece of moose meat takes about four minutes; multiple pieces can be grilled on the same surface at the same time. Trying to grill the meat in flames instead of embers or leaving the meat on a grill for too long will cause it to become charred and inedible. The embers of a fireplace can also be used to grill the meat.

Moose meat should be grilled as soon as it's been harvested by using the portable ball grill, as the meat will become rotten after about 20 minutes of real time. The meat will not continue to rot once it has been grilled.

A good way to obtain moose meat is to take a drive in the van at night with the ball grill, charcoal, and an ax in the back. Drive around the asphalt road, find any road-kill moose, and cook the meat at the side of the road. This avoids the meat spoiling before getting it home.