Various kinds of music can be heard on the radio in My Summer Car. Links to each song can be found in the sections below.

Radio musicEdit

A playlist containing all of the above songs can be found here.

Songs of Rauski, Jorma Pulkkonen & Kipeät Kikkelit and Tajukangas composed by Olli Helander. He also sang songs by Rauski and Jorma Pulkkonen & Kipeät Kikkelit.

Radio talks and conversationsEdit

The main FM radio station is called Alivieskan paikallisradio and it broadcasts on the frequency of 89.0 MHz every day around the clock. The other station is called Toiveradio, and any songs imported to the game will be played on that station. In the 29 May 2017 update, a weather broadcast was added to the radio.

Radio shows on Alivieskan paikallisradioEdit

  • Luonto Kutsuu – starring Seppo Käpytähkä
  • Marko Kahjo – a parody of Finnish reporter and TV host Markus Kajo
  • Kansanrunot – a program where the host reads (often humorous) poems written by listeners, currently has two episodes
  • A commentary of an orienteering competition (aired on Friday and Saturday evenings)
  • An interview of a drunken and arrogant local musician called Rauski
  • A program where the host complains about his young son's habit of playing video games. However, the host reveals that he has also played quite a bit. Video game titles mentioned in the show include Doom and Leisure Suit Larry.
  • Puskaradio – a program where the host answers to listeners' calls and has conversations with them about current topics
  • Toivekasetit – a program where listeners may send cassettes which will be played on the show. Three songs are included: "Lasite-erälaulu" by Ankkalammen aseet, "Miksi kamat hajoaa?" and "Saunamakkara" by unknown artists.
  • There is also an unused program, where the reporter interviews a politician from the Finnish Communist Party. He claims that the Moon landings, fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union is all western propaganda and has never happened.


A song is played while the test pattern is shown on the TV at night. The song is simply called "klassinen1" in the game files (classical1), and does not play anywhere else in the game.

Trailer musicEdit

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