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My Summer Car is a game currently in development by Amistech team, with contributions from the community such as, beta testers, voice acting work, and user suggestions as the game is still in Early Access on Steam. It is a realistic car owning, building, fixing, tuning, maintenance, and perma-death life survival simulator.

Plot of the game[]

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The game takes place in the Finnish countryside during the summer of 1995. You play as a 19 year old male whose parents have left for the summer on vacation. Your main objective main goal is to fix up a disassembled, rusty Satsuma, the in-game equivalent to a Datsun 100A, that fell into disrepair spending its last years in the garage, and have it pass the inspection. While doing so, the player must manage their bodily needs and acquire money to pay for food, electricity, fuel, and even performance and visual upgrades later for the car. In order to make money, the player has to do different jobs like pumping septic tanks, delivering wrecked cars, brewing Kilju or doing vandalism.

Cultural aspects of the game[]

My Summer Car is a culturally loaded game that accurately depicts Finnish culture and many of the problems Finland was facing during the set date of 1995. It contains many references not apparent to non-native Finns. The article "Explaining My Summer Car cultural references" written by Peli-Rami explains many of the cultural aspects in detail from a Finnish point-of-view.

Gameplay aspects[]


Player has an option to play with or without perma-death. This choice can only be made when starting a new game and can not be changed afterwards (aside from directly editing your save files, which can be considered a form of cheating). If you die with perma-death turned on - the game ends and your save file is deleted, forcing you to start a new game. With or without perma-death, core gameplay stays the same. Certain achievements can only be made with perma-death turned on.


There is no auto-save feature (it does not save on exit) and the game does not allow saving at any arbitrary point. You are only allowed to save at "checkpoints" - toilets. When a player uses a toilet, the game saves, time is advanced to the nearest even hour, and the game quits to the main menu. After this, player has an option to continue a game (load recent save) or quit to desktop. The game provides only single save slot - if you start a new game, the previous save file will be lost. You can avoid this by backing up and switching your save files.


The game can not be paused. When you press escape and game shows in-game menu, game itself is not paused. It was stated by the game developer that pause can't be implemented because of game physics engine limitations. The same effect is achievable by suspending game process with external tools. This can be easily done with Windows built-in Resource Monitor or third-party task managers like Process Explorer and Process Hacker. Note that there are plenty of mods and MSC-specific tools that claim they "pause" the game - in reality they merely automate the task of suspending the game process.


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Activities in My Summer Car[]