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Welcome to the My Summer Car Wiki. A wiki for the virtual realism car simulator, My Summer Car.
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Latest game updates

20 August 2021 (61 days ago)
Jail TV!!! • Wood carrier nerfed • Fixed bug with septic tanks not getting sucked • Oilpan leaking infinitely fixed
12 August 2021 (69 days ago)
Bug fixes: Jail sentence bug • Rocker shaft valve adjustments • AI car behaviour adjustments • Bus is more aggressive • Police checkpoint won't give you fine as passenger • Gifu is now more realistic (Read: harder) to drive • Goodbye Highway Pace • Hello Lamore my dear
30 July 2021 (82 days ago)
Bug fixes: Maximum pike allowance in fish trap decreased • Manslaughter attempts register better • Hirvi routes altered • Save scumming police is harder • Random garbo positions at landfill site for trash respawning • OTHER EXCITING BUG FIXES
7 July 2021 (105 days ago)
Bug fixes! • Coffee pan and Satsuma AMP can no longer burn forever • Player can drown in high water • Sirkka doesn't get stuck talking anymore • "New" (Hint: missing) sound affects • Jouko is slight nicer.. maybe • Towing rope can now break
24 April 2021 (179 days ago)
Grandma pays less if you're a criminal • Helmet stops your from answering calls • Get a Manslaughter charge for running over NPCs • Bug fixes!!
1 April 2021 (202 days ago)
Grandma can call for a lift to church • New super cool Rally PC Game!!! • The continued inability to buy more RAM • Die from pissing in the wrong places • Amis-Auto Ky advert on the Alivieskan paikallisradio • Fresh new bulletin boardConstruction site to mess about in • Ruscko is somehow even worse • Pub Nappo has a sick PA system • A ton of bug fixes • Mosquitoes are even louder
29 May 2020 (509 days ago)
Used car parts dealer appears during rally weekendRally Sprint Race now has Junior and Amateur Cups • Replaceable headlight bulbsPaintable stock bumpers and GrilleHarvester delivery job and driveable harvesterFarm jobs for Farm guyRadiator hoses now have screws • Video poker machine (stealable!) • Ruscko is even more terrible • Satsuma re-inspection every few weeks • Murder will send you to Jail (unless rallying) • Satsuma may unscrew a bolt after a heavy crash!


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