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Welcome to the My Summer Car Wiki. A wiki for the virtual realism car simulator, My Summer Car.
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Latest game updates

25 November 2021 (62 days ago)
Satsuma's engine shuts off if the car rolls over on its roof • Police now fine missing register plates on inspected cars • Fixed bug with pistons getting damaged
21 November 2021 (66 days ago)
Saving the game during house fires makes the house fully burn down • Car electrical fires are now deadlyFlashlights way simpler to use • Spoiled food can now be disposed via the Compost boxKekmet loader hydraulics changed slightly
24 October 2021 (94 days ago)
Food items stored outside of the refrigerator get spoiled
22 October 2021 (96 days ago)
Flashlight and boombox now require batteries to work
21 October 2021 (97 days ago)
Bumblebees now temporarily blind you instead of killing you • Coolant can now also blind you • Moped speed limit at 45 km/h • Radar buster needs to be screwed in to work
18 October 2021 (100 days ago)
Physics and colliders fixed
10 October 2021 (108 days ago)
Fuse table and fuses added • No electricity - no water • Waking by police checkpoints is now okay


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