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29 May 2020 (151 days ago)
Used car parts dealer appears during rally weekendRally Sprint Race now has Junior and Amateur Cups • Replaceable headlight bulbsPaintable stock bumpers and GrilleHarvester delivery job and driveable harvesterFarm jobs for Farm guyRadiator hoses now have screws • Videopoker slot machine (stealable!) • Ruscko is even more terrible • Satsuma re-inspection every few weeks • Murder will send you to Jail (unless rallying) • Satsuma may unscrew a bolt after a heavy crash!
23 December 2019 (309 days ago)
Bus driver has new rules • Drag racing event • New drag racing carsFleetari Repair Shop garage overhaul • Dynamometer to test Satsuma power • Electronic car lift at Fleetari's • New Antennas to block radio static • Sick new Exhaust dual tip for 500 more hp • Line lock for ez Ferndale burnouts • Matching side skirt for wide-body kit
15 November 2019 (347 days ago)
Jonnez and Rally require a Helmet • Fix your own suspension with the Digging bar • Satsuma has a sticker during Rally • New Home driveway texture and painting • New computer game called Pro Pilkki • Play the Lottery with Lottery tickets at Teimo's shop • New gun weilding NPC, the Groundskeeper • A nice Notepad to take notes • Peeing on your own house floor now makes a mess • Running over Policemen will cause a chase • Bumble Bee in the eye if you're not wearing a Helmet
20 August 2019 (434 days ago)
New GT Satsuma parts to find • AI rally times adjusted for low processing power • New AI rally cars to watch out for on the Dirt roads • Shopping bags no longer explode • Racing muffler can be painted • Visual leaks for liquid related car issues • Visual piston wear • Water wells added • Broken Teimo's shop window is repalced with plywood (temporarily) • Fourth hidden junk carTeimo's shop resets on Thursdays
09 May 2019 (537 days ago)
Uncle Kesseli how has to keys to Gifu and HayosikoSuski has joined the list of female NPCs • Gifu has a hand-throttle for increased sucking power • Teimo's shop will now supply multiple shopping bags • Added a new job for Teimo, delivering Teimo advertsFleetari Repair Shop now only has 10% discount, but this can increase with the Vandalism job • Added new vehicle and NPC to talk to outside the Dance pavilion • Player weight simulation is implemented • Driving without a windsheelt can cause DEATH BY BEE • Clutch and fuel pump can wear down
23 December 2018 (674 days ago)
Added driving animations for the bus driver and Pena • Added rain hitting windshields and functional windscreen wipers to all driveable vehicles • Closing car doors and windows now properly dampens outside ambient sounds • Added an interior light to the van • Added more sounds • Brewing coffee is faster now • Front spoilers can now detach upon impact • Septic tank owners are now only present at their houses when their tanks are full • Driving Jokke home now awards the player money based on how fast he was taken home • Added a towing hook to Pena's FittanBooze can now be bought from Petteri • Added a teletext service • Added a TV remote control


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