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Latest game updates

Test branch (19 days ago)
Multiple shopping bags will now appear when paying at the cash register more than once • Added a new job to deliver advertisements • The Fleetari Repair Shop discount will now increase from 10% to 40% after doing the vandalism job • Added fuel pump wear • Ricochet and Svoboda now spawn on specific days and times
23 December 2018 (55 days ago)
Added driving animations for the bus driver and Pena • Added rain hitting windshields and functional windscreen wipers to all driveable vehicles • Closing car doors and windows now properly dampens outside ambient sounds • Added an interior light to the van • Added more sounds • Brewing coffee is faster now • Front spoilers can now detach upon impact • Septic tank owners are now only present at their houses when their tanks are full • Driving Jokke home now awards the player money based on how fast he was taken home • Added a towing hook to Pena's FittanBooze can now be bought from Petteri • Added a teletext service • Added a TV remote control
24 October 2018 (115 days ago)
Added a computer • Added phone bills • The player now respawns at the graveyard after dying in non-permadeath mode • Teimo's Shop now stocks three alternator beltsWeather state is now saved • Added marker lights • Added seat belts to Ferndale • Added visual indication for spark plug wear • Added a wristwatch • Added a wood stove to the ventti house • The ventti house firewood pile is now functional • Being on the cottage island reduces stress
18 August 2018 (182 days ago)
Highway traffic is now more randomised • Fuel prices are now dynamic • Added a fuel oil option to Teimo's Shop • Added a brick and ball grill • Added moose meatMoose encounters are now more randomised • Added a garbage barrel to burn trash • Added a beacon light to the Gifu • Added dancing to the dance pavilion • Added a fist fighting mechanic • Added a new job for grandma • Added a coffee pan and cup for making coffee • Added a new grille • Added mudflaps • Added a new lake • Added consequences for stealing Jokke's suitcase • Made the stove cooktops functional • Added a smoke detector
30 April 2018 (292 days ago)
Changed Ferndale's power and style • Added wiring for Satsuma • Added an amplifierSpark plugs can now wear • Added spark plug boxes to Teimo's Shop • The death screen now shows various statistics on permadeath mode • The moped can now be re-textured in the same way as Satsuma • The subwoofer panel can now be recoloured with spray cans • The block, crankshaft pulley, rocker cover, and airfilter can now be painted with spray cans • The handle of the car jack is now foldable • Spray cans must now be bought from Teimo's Shop • Added distributor tuning • Added a ruler to the spanner set to check tyre wear • Worn pistons now emit blue smoke • Added a "party" event to Jokke's new house
23 February 2018 (358 days ago)
Added a kWh meter to the house • Added a strawberry field for picking strawberries • Seating angle now resets when entering driving mode • Teimo now travels to work on a bike • Teimo's Shop now opens at 10 am • Pub Nappo and Teimo's Shop are no longer open on Sundays • The rally is now a two day event • Added a racing flywheel • Added wasps • Added grandma • Added a new job for Jokke • Added a guy to the wastewater treatment plant • Added camshaft alignment • Added an odometer to the truck

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