This article is about the civilian Pölsa. For the police variant, see Pölsa (police).

Pölsas are non-driveable vehicles that can be seen around Alivieska, most notably on the highway. They are based on the first generation Saab 900, the non-convertible version, produced from 1978 to 1993.

A white pölsa can be seen driving clockwise around the highway. There is also one parked in front of a house in Peräjärvi and a wreck of one in Loppe, outside Fleetari Repair Shop.

As with most other vehicles on the highway, the pölsa spawns when the player enters the highway for the first time during a game session.


  • Pölsa doesn't mean anything in Finnish but in Sweden there's a dish called Pölsa, similar to haggis and is also quite similar to the Norwegian/Danish word for sausage, pølse.