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This article is about the caravan-trailer variant of Pölsa. For other variants, see Pölsa (disambiguation).

Along the main road of Alivieska, the player may spot a red Pölsa pulling a caravan traveling in a clockwise direction, along the inner lane. As is with any other Pölsa, the pulling car is based on a Saab 900 sedan, while the caravan-trailer hitched to the car is based on a Finnish-made Solifer 500 caravan.

If the car hits a curb too fast, then the trailer might come off the hitch, turning the comfy caravan into a deadly projectile on the road.


  • In last experimental branch update, this car got a license plate. On the car it`s FEC-159, and on the caravan it`s SYK-986.
  • The driver of the caravan Pölsa owe's much of his look from the Sewage guy.